Physique 57 - tried & tested

We tackle the US chain's gruelling body-barre class

Tried & tested

The promise
A full-body workout combining cardio, weights, barre work and training to sculpt and tone arms, thighs and abs in 57 minutes.

Step by step
When I arrive at Physique 57’s temporary set-up in Ductac, I’m greeted by two upbeat instructors Nora and Neva (who are both sporting Madonna-like headset microphones). They ensure everyone is comfortable and before we know it, the music is pumping and we’re doing reps using arm weights. Nora and Neva, who have both been flown out from NYC to take the helm at the Dubai outlet, take it in turns to teach different intervals of the class, which keeps things interesting. Next, we move to the ballet barre where we use a ball between our legs to pulse our thighs before getting on the floor to do more leg work. The class finishes with an intense ab workout and everyone is absolutely exhausted, myself included.

The result
I’m thoroughly impressed with the format of the class and motivation techniques of the instructors. The atmosphere is fun, vibrant, fast-paced and in some weird way, becomes a female-bonding experience. The next day my whole body aches and my arms, legs and abs are noticeably more defined. I’ve signed up to do more classes.

• The class is fun, fast-paced and offers loads of variety, alternating between techniques on the floor and then the barre.
• Those who create an account on the website get to try a free introductory class.
• The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.
• You can actually see results.

• The temporary venue is small, so we’re looking forward to the opening of the Citywalk Mall outlet.
• It’s expensive compared to other fitness classes in the city.

Dhs115 per class, Dhs550 for five-class package, Dhs1,000 for ten-class package, Dhs1,850 for 20 class package. Physique 57, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates (052 877 5757).

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