The Yoga Room in JLT

Perfect your yoga posture with a class at The Yoga Room in JLT

Tried & tested

Jenny Hewett perfects her yoga postures with an intermediate level class at The Yoga Room in JLT.

The promise
This yoga venue is unique in that it offers one hour 30-minute classes for intermediate and advanced levels. My instructor explains that during this particular class, yogis are asked not to drink water and are verbally guided through various Ashtanga postures using their Sanskrit names.

Step by step
After arriving at the quiet, calming venue, my friendly instructor Joumana quizzes me on my experience and advises that the room gets very hot. She warns me against drinking water during the session and tells me that, being an intermediate class, it’s possible there would be some modifications I would need to adopt with postures. Once the initial intimidation subsided of feeling incapable, I flowed well into the postures along with the obscenely bendy folk around me and managed to work up a sweat not unlike the bikram yoga class I did the evening before. The class has a steady tempo that was faster than I had experienced before, and I found this very good at working the muscles in the body.

The result
I leave feeling completely rejuvenated, detoxified and my arms, legs and abs are toned and strong.

• The venue is conveniently located within JLT.
• It has a serious, yoga-school vibe.

• The changing rooms are somewhat makeshift.


Dhs75 for one hour 30 minutes. The Yoga Room, Cluster Y, Swiss Towers, JLT (050 518 9966).

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