Burlesque dance classes in Dubai

Learn the sultry theatrical dance style here

Tried & tested

Jenny Hewett learns some new moves with Burlesque classes at Al Quoz studio Dance Fit.

The promise
Offered as a six-week term, the classes teach the basics of burlesque (a sultry theatrical dance traditionally based on parody), and aim to leave participants feeling empowered and ultra feminine.

Step by step
Taught by curvy Brazilian beauty Milla, the class kicks off with a series of stretches and cardio warm-ups to ensure our legs and limbs are at their optimal flexibility. A sassy new routine is introduced each session with a chair at the centre of the choreography. With ‘El Tango de Roxanne’ from Moulin Rouge pumping in the background, the instructor shows us how to keep the steps ultra feminine, by remaining on our toes, whether we’re sitting or walking. She takes us through the moves in counts of eight, and tells us to keep at least one hand on the chair the whole time. Standing behind the chair, I learn how to sway my hips from one side of the chair to the other, locking my legs each time. We learn to crunch our cores while sitting on the chair and revolve our legs upwards as if riding a bike, as well as the boomerang (or fan kick). I pick it up quite quickly, and notice those around me are also really enjoying themselves.

The result
As well as finding the class inspiring and empowering, it’s a great workout. My core and legs are toned and my calves ache for days after. But I’m going back for more.

• It’s one of the only dance studios in Dubai offering this style.
• Milla is friendly and fun to work with, plus she’ll help you tidy anything up if you need it.
• It’s a great way to spice up your femininity.

My tailbone is slightly bruised and hurts a bit for days after, but no pain, no gain!

Dhs800 for six classes over six weeks, Dhs1,200 for 12 classes over six weeks. Tue and Sat. Dance Fit, Al Quoz (04 388 4157).

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Learn the sultry theatrical dance style here


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