Top treatments

From being strapped into girdles to massages a plenty

Best… barber
If you like your barnet neatly coiffed and your barbers charming to the point of borderline flirtatiousness, Glamour Salon (BurJuman, 04 396 8826) is your place. While the hot Britney of yesteryear struts her stuff on screen, these barbers will attend to your every hirsute need and wield their razors in all the right places. For Dhs50, you can’t go wrong.

Best… cheap make-up
The Spice Souk isn’t just for curry connoisseurs – it’s also home to Nasser Ali Nassir Backer Trading (04 226 4359), where you can get the best eyeliner we’ve ever had the pleasure of rocking (and Pakistan’s most popular, apparently). For just Dhs5, the blacker-than-black Hashmi Kajal Kohl’s easy-on slickness and day-long endurance will change your life.

Best… eco product
Since its Dubai arrival last year, Greek brand Korres has firmly established itself as a beauty industry favourite. This summer we didn’t leave the apartment/office/bar without slathering ourselves from perspiring head to sand-dusted foot in their antioxidant-packed SPF25 Sweet Orange Sunscreen Face and Body Milk, Dhs109, Areej (04 340 5223). Oh, how we laughed in the face of wrinkles.

Best… girdle
With the calorie-laden festive season upon us, it’s high time we reminded you how to get rid of those love handles. No, we don’t mean the gym: ladies, may we (re)introduce Marks & Spencer’s (04 324 4555) Invisible Panty Line Pants. Their waist-cinching, derriere-cupping superpowers are all the more miraculous given that they leave you fabulously VPL-free.

Best… facial at Dhs1,150
it’s not the cheapest treatment in the world, but invest in the InterCon’s Natura Bissé Diamond Facial (04 701 1111) and it will be money well spent. Apparently, they massaged cryogenically-enhancing frozen DNA into our face. Whatever. All we know is that we spent 100 minutes feeling utterly beatific and left looking 10 years younger. Well, five anyway.

Best… gym equipment
A great space-saver, the Dhs364 BOSU Balance Trainer ( looks like someone lopped off a third of a medicine ball and stuck it on a plate. If the workout provided by simply standing on the thing isn’t enough, check out the instructional DVD, which is chockerblock full of moves you can practise without overbalancing and breaking a newly decankled ankle.

Best… tea
The most ‘ooh’-inducing hot beverage to have hit Time Out’s desks in a long time, Tea & More’s (04 368 6034) hand-tied white bouquets release even more antioxidants than the good old green stuff. Showcase them in a glass pot and the flowers will unfurl repeatedly – it’s the cuppa that just keeps giving, which is a relief considering the Dhs69 price tag.

Best… running track
In the city that pavements forgot, Jumeirah Open Beach ( is an exercise lover’s refuge. Head down to the springy 3km track at sunset and the smiling faces, svelte runners and children that look like they’ve just escaped from a particularly inhumane zoo will make you feel like you’ve landed in a surreal episode of The OC.

Best… value massage
We massage aficionados are not fans of airy fairy rubdowns by therapists who do little more than tickle our aching joints – and so it was with rapture that we discovered the Balinese massage at Dreamworks (800 37326). A snip at Dhs200, the hour-long pummeling was strangely enjoyable and had us standing straight quicker than we could scream, ‘Harder! HARDER!’

Best… teeth whitener
There’s no gain without pain, right? Well while Tower Clinic’s (04 330 0220) Dhs2,800 Zoom service isn’t excruciating, it sure gets tiring – but it’s worth it when you walk out with a smile to rival Tom Cruise’s. As long as you don’t mind the mild claustrophobia and special lamps that intensify the 25 per cent peroxide bleaching gel, that is.

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