Royal Thai Massage at Reborn Spa

In a bid to loosen up stiff muscles, Phil Sullivan tries the Royal Thai Massage at Reborn Spa in TECOM

In a bid to loosen up stiff muscles, Phil Sullivan tries the Royal Thai Massage at Reborn Spa in TECOM.

The promise
The ancient technique of Thai massage incorporates stretching and ‘energy line compressions’ to restore balance to the whole body.

Step by step
I am welcomed to the spa by three smiling faces who could not be more pleased to see me, it seems. Soon, I am led down a pleasant, candle-lined dark wood corridor into the small, comfortable therapy room. I change into a pair of giant disposable shorts, that best resemble what a footballer might have worn in the 1950s, and the massage begins. My therapist starts with long, relaxing strokes using scented oils, which releases tension in my back, shoulders and legs. After about 30 blissful minutes, we move to the business end of proceedings – ‘the Yoga-type stretching’. Not for the faint-of-heart (or the tight-of-muscle, which unfortunately I am), this involves deep muscle manipulation and some contortions I didn’t think my body was capable of. The massage from here is designed to be enjoyed in the days following the massage, rather than during the treatment.

The results
The massage leaves me feeling physically tired, though relaxed, that evening. The following day, my back and leg muscles feel looser than they have in weeks.

• The therapist was extremely knowledgeable and skilled.
• The first half of the massage was highly relaxing.
• The second half, though not always pleasurable, lived up to the promise of leaving me feeling ultra-flexible.
• Costs a little less than a spa in a larger hotel for a massage of equal standard.

• The smaller hotel doesn’t have the post-treatment facilities of a bigger hotel (a minor gripe).

Dhs300 for 60 minutes. Reborn Spa Salon & Slimming Wellness Centre, Ramee Rose Hotel, TECOM (04 500 1111).

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