Fat-busting workouts

Put on a few festive pounds and in need of a new regime? Here’s how to do it

1 Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout
Dhs100, Virgin
Tracy Anderson is responsible for the honed physique of Madonna, so she must know something, right? The workout comprises eight fast-paced routines ('cardio dance' combinations); she suggests doing as many as you can, working up to them all, four to six times a week. The fact that it’s dancing makes it much easier to stick to, plus you can use Madonna as your inspiration.

2 Davina: Super Body Workout
Dhs100, Virgin
Like UK TV presenter Davina McCall's other exercise DVDs, this features her personal trainers, Mark and Jackie Wren. There are two full 40 minute workouts -Super-Sculpt and Super- Fit. For the super-fit there are three longer routines targeting specific body parts such as the abs, legs or arms. Davina suggests doing one of the routines at least three times a week but you can throw in a few more if you want faster results.

3 Get Totally Fit With Mel B
Dhs110, Virgin
Former Spice Girl Mel B followed this plan to shift pregnancy fat. Filmed outdoors in LA sunshine, not unlike Dubai, the two full-body workouts are broken into segments including cardio and advanced cardio, and exercises to tone the back and chest, arms and legs, core and buttock muscles. Beginners are advised to start with four 30-minute sessions a week, gradually building up to the full workout and then increasing intensity over four-to-eight weeks.

4 Denise Van Outen: Pure Dance Workout
Dhs110, Virgin
The latest exercise programme from the UK TV presenter and West End star, this features four energetic dance routines each lasting about ten minutes, set to music. Within each dance are moves to target specific body parts including the waist, bingo wings, legs and bottom. Denise recommends doing at least one of the dance routines (with warm-up and cool down) three-to-four times a week. Again, since it’s dance-based it’s a bit easier to stick to, plus it’s almost fun.

5 Claire Richards 5-Step Fat Attack
Dhs110, Virgin
As a member of 90s band Steps, Claire Richards was a svelte size ten, then the pounds piled on; at her heaviest she was over 15 stone. Eleven months later, she's a size ten again, thanks to this routine which includes some easy dance moves in the warm-up followed by a section of fat assault aerobics, combat moves such as strikes, kicks and punches, target and tone exercises for core stability and a cool down. Each section is set to Steps tracks and lasts around ten minutes, and Richards suggests working towards doing all of the workout three-times a week. If you can zone out of the dodgy sound track, this one’s a winner. The fat-to-thin Claire is a marvel.

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