Cryotherapy in Dubai

Turn back the clock with a cryofacial and body treatment in Dubai

The promise
This body freezing treatment promises to reduce signs of ageing, speed up metabolism, reduce cellulite and improve hair and skin condition.

Step by step
Changing into my underwear, a robe, slippers and gloves, I step into the treatment room where I’m greeted by a gigantic illuminated capsule that has icy white vapour billowing from the top. I take a deep breath, step inside and disrobe. It’s cold, very cold; the temperature gauge tells me it’s -120°C.

Cryo-health general manager Ali Omar keeps talking, which is a nice distraction. After about 90 seconds, I begin to shiver. The temperature has reached -160°C, almost twice as cold as it gets in Antarctica! I feel my thighs begin to tingle and have to really focus on keeping my breath steady while I fight the urge to get out. Suddenly, Ali switches the machine off – my three minutes are up. I climb onto the bike opposite and pedal to bring some heat back to my body. Then it’s time for the facial. This is a different experience altogether, lying on a bed as the therapist cleanses my skin then introduces the Cryo. The first few minutes are lovely; akin to someone gently blowing cold air on your skin. After five minutes, the temperature increases and I feel less comfortable but the whole facial experience is certainly more than tolerable.

The results
After all the promises I’m a little disappointed. Immediately after, the skin on my face feels a bit tighter, but I don’t notice any lasting effects.

• It’s fast; it only takes 20 minutes.
• The staff really know their stuff and help put you at ease.

• If you’re looking for visible results, you need to do multiple sessions.
• They recommend every one or two days for up to two weeks.
• It’s a bit on the pricey side.

Dhs650 for Cryofacial and whole body cryotherapy. Packages available. Cryo-health, The Boulevard 1, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, (04 351 8300).

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