'Festive minx nails' at The Nail Spa

We try out the holiday-themed nail package at this popular chain and report back

Tried & tested, Festive

Dazzle your friends with special festive Minx nails at The Nail Spa. Holly Sands tries a Christmas pedicure

The promise
The Nail Spa’s festive Minx nails promise to make your fingers and toes look as Christmassy as possible.

Step by step
After opting for a Christmas pedi instead of a full mani-pedi, a therapist escorts me to a comfortable armchair. She sets to work scrubbing away dead skin, filing nails and cutting away excess cuticles, before performing a short massage while I choose the design I like (metallic blue with white snowflakes). It’s then time to move over to a different chair to begin the Minx nail sticker application (the Town Centre branch’s heat lamp is fixed at the far end of the room, so pedicure clients have to move seats to complete the experience).

Once in the chair, a different therapist takes over to begin the intricate process of applying each individual sticker. It takes a surprisingly long time (which could be due to my teeny tiny toenails). A little over two hours after I first walked in, I finally leave.

The result
The Minx stickers have been applied absolutely faultlessly – I’m extremely impressed. They also last much longer than a standard polish manicure before they finally begin peeling off a little over a week later.

• There are dozens of designs to choose from – including gold stars, full metallic silvers, reds and golds, and even a not-so-festive leopard print.
• The stickers really do last (if you resist the urge to pick at the edges).

• The process can be a little time-consuming, which isn’t great for fidgets.

• It would be good to have a greater variety of truly Christmas-themed stickers.

Dhs30 per nail (hand), Dhs35 (foot). The Nail Spa, various locations including Meadows Town Centre (04 447 0744).

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