How to detox at home

Some simple solutions to get your feeling fit and healthy in 2014

Feeling a little dull and run-down after the festive season? Time Out has some solutions from one of the UAE’s most experienced therapists, Susan Young, that you can try at home. They’ll save you dirhams, too!

All those December festivities and New Year celebrations mean one thing – lots of late nights out. Too much partying can wreak havoc on your body, while Dubai’s expensive party scene is also likely to have put a big dent in your purse or wallet.

If you’re in need of some pampering to get you back on track for 2014 but can’t afford a trip to a salon on spa, there are plenty of treatments you can do yourself at home, at a fraction of the price, as Susan Young, owner of the Susan Young Beauty Clinic in Abu Dhabi, explains.

Banish dull skin
Sue says:
To brighten up your skin, use a body brush. Gently brush upward towards your heart over the whole body (on dry skin) to bring blood to the surface of the skin, which will carry oxygen and nutrients with it. This will enhance your skin’s elasticity, which automatically builds collagen. It gets rid of dead skin, so already your skin is improved as this will eliminate waste and toxins and increase your circulation by up to a third.

Dark circles around the eyes?
Sue says:
Place cotton disks in rosewater or water in the fridge. Put eye-mask gel on your eyes, place the cold cotton discs from the fridge over eyes and relax for ten minutes. The cold will dilate the capillaries, the mask will re-hydrate and your eyes will pop and look good as new.

Have problem skin?
Sue says:
Bicarbonate of soda
makes for a great exfoliant for oily skin. It has been used for hundreds of years in beauty therapies; it is gentle and softens sebum [oily/waxy matter]. For congested skin mix oats, strawberries and argan oil, or try milk of magnesia with oats as a face mask. Oats have lubricating fats and natural cleansers that will clean out your pores, while strawberries contain a gentle acid that will clear away dead skin cells. For dry skin mix and apply egg yolk and honey, or avocado with egg white and lemon juice to hydrate. Honey’s anti-bacterial and healing properties combined with egg yolk, which draws impurities out of the skin, makes for a cooling and softening face mask. Lemon juice has healing and toning properties to give skin a new lease of life.

For your insides
Sue says:
A really hydrating drink is ginger, mint, lemon and honey combined. Add boiling water and allow to cool by popping it in fridge – it’s amazing.

Brighten up your make-up
Sue says:
For a last-minute face brightener to bring a glow and remove dead skin, first exfoliate, then use honey and oats as a quick brightening mask. To brighten your smile, use an old soft toothbrush on your lips (or nail file) to softly brush and remove dead skin, then use a good, hydrating lip-balm. When you’re ready for the party just pop your lipstick on. Your lips will look sensational. Want to make them look larger? Place a small amount of shimmer just across the bow of your lips. Another trick is to take your lip pencil and draw a straight line across the bow of your lips. Lessening the bridge of the bow enlarges your lips.

Longer lashes
Sue says:
Apply almond oil to your lashes (or Vaseline) before you go to bed to keep your lashes soft and supple. This stops them from breaking. Waterproof mascara makes your lashes particularly brittle.
Susan Young Beauty Clinic, Corner of 4th and 11th streets, Abu Dhabi (02 222 2032).

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