Tried & tested Yoga Ashram

Hayley Skirka tries to nurture her mind and spirit with sri sri yoga at new JLT venue Yoga Ashram.

Tried & tested

Hayley Skirka tries to nurture her mind and spirit with sri sri yoga at new JLT venue Yoga Ashram.

The promise
Sri sri yoga promises an integrated approach, combining gentle and vigorous asanas (positions) for body well-being, with equal emphasis placed on techniques for nurturing the mind and spirit.

Step by step
The studio itself is very well laid out with exposed brick work, luxurious drapes hanging from the ceilings, candles, cushions and gorgeous views over Emirates Hills. The class starts with a focus on breathing – the instructor talks students through the technique and watches closely to make sure everyone is doing it correctly. The first breathing exercise was repeated three or four times, then we moved onto a slightly different breathing technique which was again repeated multiple times. One more breathing exercise and then it was on to the postures – and we were surprised we weren’t familiar with many of the ones used. Mixed with the usual postures was a lot of stretching, lunges and even abdominal crunches. The pace of the class is slow and steady, don’t expect to sweat.

The result
By the end of the class we have to admit that we found our thoughts beginning to wander to things we still needed to do that evening, possibly due to the repetitive, slow nature of the session. That being said, it was a good way to slow down for an hour after a busy day.

• The studio is very tranquil, well-equipped and, at the moment, not too packed.
• It’s ideal for those of you easing into the world of yoga.
• The instructors are very patient and friendly.

• We didn’t feel like we got much of a physical workout.
• A lot of the poses felt like Pilates.
• The class is slow-paced and there’s a lot of repetition.

Dhs60 for one class, Dhs275 for five classes. Pre-booking preferred. Yoga Ashram, 1504 Jumeirah Bay X3, Cluster X, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (04 360 9028).

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