Cleopatra's Spa - tried & tested

Traditional Hijama cupping at Wafi spot

Tried & tested

Benita Adesuyan tries the traditional Hijama cupping treatment at Cleopatra’s Spa in Wafi Pyramids.

The promise
To relieve ailments such as obesity and muscular strain, by applying suction cups to the back to remove toxins in the blood.

Dr Benazir Quraishi gives us a full consultation prior to commencing. The treatment requires making small fine cuts to the skin so it’s not suitable for pregnant women, or people taking medications that thin the blood. She cleans our back with an antiseptic and applies the first suction cup to the back of our neck. A further eight cups are placed in various points along the shoulders and lower back. The theory is that the toxic blood rises to the surface during this process. The cups are removed, and small incisions are made on the skin before the cups are placed back on to suck out the toxins. When all the cups are removed, the sites are cleaned with an antiseptic wash.

The results
Our treatment was tailored to treat back tension, and our aches appear reduced. We’re advised to avoid red meat and caffeine for three days, and to drink plenty of pomegranate juice and water.

• It’s an effective muscle relief treatment.
• The spa is luxurious and well-equipped.
• Dr Quraishi is professional and friendly.

• It’s a bit uncomfortable when the cups are applied to the skin.
• You’ll feel drowsy afterwards so don’t plan any post-treatment activities.

Dhs485. Cleopatra’s Spa, Wafi, Oud Metha (04 324 7700).

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