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<em>Time Out</em> checks out iPosture – the latest gadget to make you sit up straight

I don’t have bad posture per se, but like most people (I suspect), I’m sure it could be better. Enter the iPosture (Dhs400 at, a new electronic device that promises to correct slouching with a simple vibration. I clipped the quarter-sized gadget to my bra strap then sat up straight and tall in my desk chair and recorded my ‘perfect posture’ by pressing on the logo. And then I waited, eager to feel the subtle vibration the device was supposed to deliver when I veered more than three degrees out of position. It took an hour before I felt the gentle buzzing – the device waits for you to log more than 60 seconds of bad posture before issuing an alert, so you’re not penalised every time you bend over or sneeze. Once I forgot about it, I got buzzed a lot – usually as I leaned over my desk to read paperwork. And later in the evening, in a taxi, my uncomfortably tight seat between two other passengers, who were laden with shopping bags, elicited about 40 minutes of less-than-perfect posture (and the requisite buzzing, like a game of Taboo gone horribly awry). I became ultra-aware of my posture, and with consistent use I’m surely destined for the stature of a ballet dancer. But unless you’re really obsessed with your hunching habit, you might try a Post-it note reminder on your PC’s screen before you invest in this gadget.

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