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As the city goes mad for juicing, Jenny Hewett gets to grips with a home veggie box delivery

Tried & tested

As the city goes mad for juicing, Jenny Hewett gets to grips with a Go Organic home veggie box delivery.

The promise

Whether you’re embarking on a juice detox or simply want to supplement your diet with extra green goodness, this DIY juicing company delivers boxes of fresh vegetables to your home, with directions on how to juice them.

Step by step

After confirming the delivery time with Go Organic, we anticipated the boxes would arrive on our doorstep between 8pm and 8.30pm one evening. Though, surprisingly, they did not and we found the veggie boxes on our doorstep the next morning, with none of the promised information on what each of the vegetables were, or instructions on how to juice them. That aside, what sat in front of us were more vegetables than we had ever seen in our lives (or that would comfortably fit in our fridge), separated into five different packages for juicing five times a day. Instead of juicing, we blended the produce and drank one each morning, as a supplement to our diet. Disappointingly, many of the vegetables specified on the recipes did not arrive, including avocados, tomatoes and broccoli.

The promise

Though they weren’t the tastiest of juices, we could definitely feel them doing our body good and noticed increased energy levels, glowing skin and better hydration levels throughout the day.


• There are so many vegetables that you can probably spare a few for your weekly dinners.
• Delivery makes it convenient for those who work late.
• The produce is fresh and most has come from local farms, except for the fruit which is imported.


• The box wasn’t delivered at the agreed time and no instructions were included.
• Some of the vegetables featured in the recipes were missing from the boxes and some were ageing.

Dhs500 for DetoxBox, Go Organic, www.goorganic.me.

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