Feldvoss Hair in JLT

New Scandinavian hairdressing salon Feldvoss is now open in JLT

Tried & tested

New Scandinavian hairdressing salon Feldvoss is now open in JLT. Holly Sands drops in for a cut and colour.

The promise
Cuts, colours, blow-dries and extensions done by talented Scandinavian hairdressers. Owner Marie Louise explains that this is the first Danish-run salon in Dubai.

Step by step
We’re greeted by the Feldvoss team, who proudly show off the new salon, which is, as you might expect from a Scandinavian operation, chic, sleek and extremely minimalist. We talk through our recent hair history and decide that the best route is to apply a darker permanent colour to the roots, and an ash toner on the blonde (and currently rather yellow and brassy) ends for a subtle ombre effect. While the colour is prepared, we marvel at the tray of goodies placed in front of us – coffee, mint lemonade, a chocolate chip cookie and a heavenly slab of chocolate brownie, dusted with an icing sugar ‘F’. Colour on and brownie consumed, we spend 15 minutes under the heat before heading to the sink and reclining in a back-massaging chair. Next, it’s back to our seat for a cut, which involves tidying up the fringe we hacked for ourselves a few weeks previously, getting rid of split ends and evening out the layers to make our thin hair look thicker.

The results
It’s subtle and we’re initially pleased. After some home styling, however, we wish the ends were a little lighter and the ombre effect more obvious, but this is likely our fault for not being clear during the consultation. On the upside, our hair feels in far better condition.

• The salon uses all-natural Philip B products.
• It’s a beautiful, relaxing space and the staff know their stuff.

• JLT location may not suit some.


Permanent root colour Dhs300, cut and blow-dry Dhs360. Feldvoss, lake level, Cluster Y, JLT, www.feldvoss.com (056 254 3283).

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