Hair removal in Dubai

We untangle some of Dubai’s smoothest hair removal options

In an effort to rid our bodies of even the faintest of fuzz for summer, we untangle some of the city’s hair removal options.

When it comes to ridding your body of unwanted hair for that summer holiday, there are varying degrees of pain and effectiveness you need to weigh up. Here, we put four removal options to the test and reveal where guys can also de-fuzz, too.

Cirépil waxing at The Nail Spa

The promise: This new product claims to be the ultimate in no-double-dipping, non-strip wax, with ‘less ouch guaranteed’.

The experience: Much the same as hot wax, the blue Cirépil formula is applied hot to the skin and left to cool without the application of towelling strips. As no strips are used, however, the wax appears to be applied to smaller patches, and as such, the procedure takes longer than normal (if you’re normally out in ten minutes, expect to be done in 20 to 30). Happily, however, the experience is vastly less painful and after a while you may find that you no longer brace for the rip.

The results: Though it was certainly less agonising, it wasn’t quite as powerful as strip waxing, and a few strays had to be removed via the old-fashioned and more painful way at the end. After such a thorough hair removal session, however, we left with no follicle unplucked.

How long did it last? Ten days later, we were still super-smooth – the wax claims to reduce breakage and take hair right from the roots, slowing re-growth, which our experience certainly attested to.

Smooth factor out of five: 4/5
From Dhs50. The Nail Spa, various locations, (600 544 001).

Organic Sugaring at The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge

The promise: According to this salon, sugaring is the most pleasant way to get rid of unwanted hair with a 100 percent organic, aromatherapy, hypo-allergenic, hair removal blend.

The experience: Lying on the bed, the therapist applies the sugaring solution with a spatula to our legs. It’s applied warm, but not hot, so there’s no chance of it burning. It doesn’t dry as quickly as wax so larger areas can be coated in the solution at one time, speeding up the process. Hair is removed with cloth strips and while we can’t agree that it is a ‘pleasant’ experience, it is slightly less painful than waxing. Afterwards, there’s no sticky residue to deal with.

The results: Smooth, and our usually sensitive skin wasn’t red at all.

How long did it last? Our hair was a little short (it’s recommend you don’t shave for about 2-3 weeks before) so the results weren’t perfect, but a week later we’re still fuzz free.

Smooth factor out of five: 4/5
Dhs75 for half leg. Organic Glow Beauty Lounge, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 3 (04 3804666).

Laser hair removal at Purity Salon

The promise: One of the most effective forms of hair removal, wavelengths of light are administered to follicles in golf-ball size patches to stop them dead in their tracks.

The experience: Daniela, our well-informed and easygoing therapist, first explains how laser works, telling us that a hair follicle has phases, and each must be killed off while the others are sleeping, so to speak. First she preps us for what the pain might feel like a rubber band flicking our skin or touching a hot steering wheel and we feel confident in her hands. She tests our skin to determine the strength of light to be used and we relay the pain factor out of ten. We don protective visors for our eyes and Daniela then begins cooling the skin with forced air while zapping patches. In some areas the tingling is hardly noticeable, while others can feel like a quick volt of electricity. It’s not exactly a pleasant experience, but it’s over in a jiffy, ten minutes at the most.

The results: After a couple of days our skin flared up but we notice the follicles are more resistant to growth.

How long did it last? Currently, a few days, but if you have the recommended amount of sessions you’ll be fuzz free for years in some cases. This is an investment procedure rather than an instant fix.

Smooth factor out of five: 5/5
From Dhs450. Purity Salon, Villa 1, 92B Al Wasl Road (04 348 5600).

Strip wax at NStyle

The promise: Hot or strip wax is applied in sections before it is allowed to cool and then removed in quick jerks using a strip of cloth.

The experience: Our lovely therapist, Anjana pats talcum powder onto the skin and then applies the warm, blue wax to the area in long strokes. After it cools in a matter of seconds, she rubs on a cloth and pulls the wax off in quick, upward motions. She is quick and efficient and with the inspector work of a detective removes every last bit of hair.

The results: Our skin is ultra smooth and feels more hydrated, and we can’t find even one pesky hair.

Smooth factor out of five: 5/5
From Dhs40. NStyle, various locations including Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha (04 341 3300).

Hair removal for men

Urban Male Lounge
Offers eyebrow, arms, back and chest waxing from Dhs45.
Various locations including Mall of the Emirates (04 431 8935).

W Gent’s Salon
Head here for back and body waxing from Dhs80.
One Lake Plaza, Shop 17, JLT (04 450 8810).

Offers arm, legs, back and chest waxing from Dhs155.
Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Towers, DIFC (04 330 1847).

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