Manuella Ladies Beauty Salon – tried and tested

Benita Adesuyan heads to Manuella Ladies Beauty Salon to try the deep cleansing ultrasound facial

Tried & tested

Benita Adesuyan heads to Manuella Ladies Beauty Salon to try the deep cleansing ultrasound facial.

The promise
A thorough, deep cleanse, using Thalgo marine-based products and a high-frequency ultrasound machine to clear the face of spot-producing bacteria.

Step by step
After a quick consultation and skin analysis, we lay down on the treatment bed and the therapist cleansed and exfoliated our skin, gently massaging in each product. A steamer blew warm vapour on our face, allowing the skin to soften and enhancing the active ingredients of the cleansers. She then used a small vacuum-like nozzle to gently suck the excess sebum from the pores before performing a careful but somewhat uncomfortable extraction. The high frequency ultrasound machine (a cold flat metal attachment) was then used to kill any bacteria on the skin’s surface. A cream mask was then applied and covered with a fabric mask, designed to heat up the face and deepen the effect of the product. As the mask gently warmed, the therapist performed a relaxing hand and arm massage. The treatment was completed with a toner, serum and moisturiser.

The result
Our skin felt super soft and looked dewy. There was a nice glow to our skin and it remained smooth several days later.

• The therapist’s massage technique was flawless – gentle and lifting.

• Our eyes watered when product was applied too close, but this was expertly cleaned away.

Dhs400. Manuella Ladies Beauty Salon, Dubai Marina (04 422 1904).

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