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Stress is a natural part of life, just don't let it get the better of you


Stress is a natural part of life and used to describe anything that poses a challenge or threat to a person’s wellbeing. Some stress is good, essential even and helps you get going, while other stress – the kind that undermines mental and physical health – is not. Here, Maria V Chatila, an executive and personal coach in Dubai (, reveals her three top tips for managing the everyday stress that’s getting you down.

Normalize, normalize, normalize
The biggest challenge that I see with clients is their inability to normalize the stress that exists in their life and see that they are not alone with it. Try to take some time and reflect on what kind of challenges you really have in your life and what level of stress you are experiencing. Do some research. Find out what other people feel about these issues. Find role models that overcame similar challenges and stresses. Normalizing is a big reliever in many situations and it can also be the quickest route to relieving the stress in your life.

Detach from situations
Are you over-promising and are your standards and expectations at a superhero level? Take a step back and look at the labels that you are attached to. Are you the ‘strong’ person that everyone turns to when they have a problem? What extras are you attaching yourself to that may be adding unnecessary stress to your life? Detach from the unnecessary. Trust that your friends and your family can survive without your superhero support. I’m not saying that you can’t help out every now and again but if your role as ‘helper’ is becoming your leading role in life, then it is time to detach.

Bathe in your magic moments
Too often, we spend endless hours focusing on the stress in our lives. Change your focus at least once a day. Take time to just bathe in the magic or great moments that you have had. Focus on the people that have given you love and attention. Focus on the moments that you succeeded. Relive them in your mind. Relive the feelings that they gave you.

Where to de-stress in Dubai

Aromatherapy Indian head massage
Try a 30-minute scalp, neck and shoulder massage designed to reduce stress, alleviate headaches, soothe eye strain, tackle sinus congestion and ease stiffness. An oil-less treatment, it is designed to help promote relaxation.
Dhs135. Ladies only. Essensuals Aromatherapy Centre, Jumeirah Centre, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 344 8776).

Soulful Sundays and guided meditation
Every week, Dubai’s Illuminations Well-Being Center hosts classes that aim to help individuals cultivate their own happiness. Sunday June 22’s class is titled ‘Heal Your Past and Live in the Present’, while June 29’s focuses on ‘Learning to Receive: The Universe is Knocking… Are you open?’ The centre also offers regular guided meditations for groups and individuals.
Dhs50. Sun 11am-1pm. Illuminations Well-Being Center, 409, Fortune Executive Towers, JLT, (04 448 7043).

Some stress is good, but when you’re out of balance and really feeling the heat, it’s worth exploring different ways of managing stress that work for you. Hypnotherapy is one option, aiming to help clients relax and manage
the stress through techniques such learning to banish negative thinking, develop positive thinking and become more assertive.
Dhs600 per hour. Dubai Hypnotherapy, Concord Tower, Dubai Media City, (055 56 7485).

Karma and forgiveness workshops
Holding onto negative thoughts and old grudges means holding onto unproductive stress. Free yourself from the cycle by trying a three-hour workshop at The Third Eye, which equips attendees with techniques to conduct a forgiveness meditation, free themselves from past, painful negative experiences and let go of people who have done them wrong. Each session aims to ultimately introduce participants into a bright, beautiful new future.
Dhs300. The Third Eye, Saeed Tower II, Sheikh Zayed Road, (04 326 6539).

Dynamic therapeutic breathing
Dubai’s Miracles Center recommends this practice for anyone experiencing varying challenges in their life. A typical dynamic therapeutic breathing session – which, as the name suggests, uses different types breathing patterns to achieve its aim – is said to offer emotional release as well as deep physical relaxation.
Dhs80. Miracles Center, 306 Icon Tower, TECOM, (04 363 9307).

Sound resonance massage
Have a massage with a difference – a musical difference, to be precise. The International Academy of Sound Resonance Dubai conducts what it describes as ‘the most powerful stress reduction in 20 minutes’. Instead of physical touch, the body is ‘massaged on a cellular level’ using the vibrations of sound bowls, held over or near the body, depending on which parts are being
focused on.
Price on request. International Academy of Sound Resonance Dubai, various locations, (050 278 1009).

Tui Na massage therapy
Head to Beijing TongRen Tang to try Tui Na, a traditional Chinese treatment that uses a combination of massage and manipulation techniques to establish a more harmonious flow
of Qi, or ‘vital energy’, through the channels of the body – most TCM treatments are based on the idea of these channels and that sometimes
they may become blocked or out of balance.
Dhs400 for 60 minutes. Beijing TongRen Tang, Dubai Healthcare City, Oud Metha, (800 826).

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