Arjaan Rotana’s Bodylines – tried and tested

Jenny Hewett attempts to boost her flexibility with the new Vikasa yoga class at Arjaan Rotana’s Bodylines

The promise
A unique style of yoga, which aims to increase flexibility, improve posture and strength and reduce stress, ultimately leaving you feeling energised.

Step by step
Friendly and focused Czech instructor, Edita, leads us into some introductory breathing in lotus pose before we begin the Vikasa style, also known as the ‘evolution of yoga’. The approach is based on classical hatha techniques, but is always evolving. The sequence is a new experience for us and we are kept intrigued as she leads us through a number of different poses and variations on poses we had yet to try, including the cat pose with the palms turned face up towards the sky, to help strengthen the wrists. The instructor moves around the class making adjustments for students in each pose and massaging out our backs, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The class ends in savasana lying down pose, with the cleansing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl surrounding us.

The result
We feel incredibly refreshed, toned and energised as promised and make a booking to go back next week for another session.

• It’s conveniently located for Media City workers.
• There are lots of lovely little nuances. Edita gives each yogi a little scalp massage, cool towel and aromatherapy essence while in savasana.

• The 6pm start time might make it too early for the majority of nine-to-fivers.
• The meeting room location isn’t the most ambient of spots, but Edita makes the most of it.

Dhs30 for one hour. Mon and Wed from 6pm. Bodylines, Arjaan Rotana, Al Sufouh Road (04 436 0000).

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