Vivandi Hair Spa – tried and tested

Hfu Reisenhofer visits Vivandi Hair Spa to try new hair-loss treatment Low-Level Laser Therapy

Tried & tested

Hfu Reisenhofer visits Vivandi Hair Spa to try new hair-loss treatment Low-Level Laser Therapy.

The promise
A non-surgical process that employs pure red light generated by ‘cold’ lasers, to increase cellular activity within hair follicles, resulting in stronger, thicker hair. By stimulating blood supply to the hair bulb and scalp, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) claims to slow and in some cases even reverse the degenerative hair loss cycle.

Step by step
The process begins with a deep scalp cleanse using a TricoMax Scalp Cleansing Mask. The thick gel-like mask purifies and exfoliates the surface of the skin, and is left to work for ten minutes with the aid of a hair steamer. The therapist enhances the experience with a short head and shoulder massage. Next, it’s off to the LLLT machine, housed in its own room complete with comfy armchair and entertainment system. The red lasers are left to work for 20 minutes, targeting those areas where hair-loss is most evident. It’s a completely painless process – you won’t feel a thing.

The result
The scalp cleansing mask and hair wash left us feeling immediately fresh. As for the laser treatment, we’re not able to say whether just the one session actually made any difference, but we’ve no reason to believe that, with repeated use, it can’t have a positive effect.

• There’s no need to keep returning to the spa, as you can take a mobile laser hair system home with you.

• To get the advertised results, you need to have sessions three or four times a week for several months.

Dhs150 scalp cleansing, Dhs125 laser treatment. Vivandi Hair Spa, Oud Metha Road (04 335 3336).

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