Sisters Beauty Lounge – tried and tested

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Shrinking Violet Body Wrap at Sisters Beauty Lounge.

The Promise
This brand new treatment promises to get rid of unwanted fat using an oil containing phospholipid, which goes deep into the skin to penetrate and deflate fat cells. The fat is then absorbed into the body before being flushed out, leaving you flab free.

Step by Step
Before the treatment starts there’s a health consultation and a rundown on what to expect. In order to gauge how effective it is, we’re carefully measured on our hips, waist, arms, legs, rear and stomach before a spot of body brushing gets our circulation moving in preparation for the treatment. The floral scented oil is applied all over our body, with any leftover oil rubbed into our problem areas for a little bit of an extra boost. Next, we are wrapped from head to toe in plastic wrap before laying down on the massage bed in our mummified state. The oil takes sixty minutes to work so we lay back and relax and even enjoy a mini-scalp massage to help pass the time. After an hour, we’re cut free of the plastic before being re-measured to check how effective the treatment was.

The result
According to our chart, we lost a whopping combined total of 18.8cm. These numbers are a little misleading as they are gauged by combing the loss recorded from each body area. The individual numbers probably give a more accurate result of what has actually been achieved. For us, just over 2cms were melted off our midriff and waist while our arms and legs hovered at a loss of about 1.3cm each. Certainly not a bad result for practically zero effort on our part.

• The product smells amazing, glides on easily and is gentle even on our sensitive skin.

• The results are obvious with measurable quantities, which really makes you feel like it is working.

• Just one session will bode results, so it’s perfect for a quick fix before a big event.

• The product keeps working for 72 hours after the treatment, so your total loss can be even more than the initial results suggest.

• To get the best results, a course of five sessions is recommended, which makes it a little pricey.

Dhs650 per Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, purchase five and pay for four. Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall (04 339 8500).

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