Rescue your skin this summer

How to solve common skin complaints in Dubai


Banish common complaints and get your glow back this season with tips from Dubai’s best facialist Lydia Espin.

Whether you’re spending too much time in the sun, constantly moving from hot sticky outdoor temps to the arctic blast of mall A/C, or struggling to de-puff your jet lagged eyes after a holiday, summer in Dubai can play havoc with delicate skin. To help combat some of the most common complaints, award-winning Dubai-based facialist Lydia Espin, owner of Essa Beauty, reveals her expert tips for looking your best against all odds. After all, a good complexion is the best accessory anyone can own.

The problem: dry patches caused by constant A/C exposure

‘Air conditioning causes dehydration in the skin, which is lack of water – not lack of oil,’ says Lydia. ‘If you notice your face is feeling more dehydrated, use an exfoliator at least once a week to remove that top layer of dry dead skin cells – this will make the skin look and feel much smoother, fresher and it will also allow other products such as serums and moisturisers to penetrate the skin, working down to the lower layers of the epidermis. I would recommend using a serum at night underneath your evening moisturiser, this will lock more moisture into the skin. Get a skin consultation before going out and buying a serum, you need to ensure it’s the correct one for you. Lastly, drink plenty of water.

The problem: peeling skin from sunburn

Peeling indicates that the skin is healing itself and the dead damaged skin cells are shedding away. I would advise using a very gentle facial exfoliator that doesn’t contain any hydroxy acids (AHAs or BHAs). Instead use a physical exfoliant (this is an exfoliator that contains micro beads of some form, it will have a gritty texture). Use this on the skin only when all the redness has gone away, do not exfoliate red, sore or sunburnt skin. Once you have exfoliated the skin, it will appear and feel much smoother as the dead skin cells have been removed. I would then recommend using an extremely hydrating, soothing facial serum to lock in extra hydration and a thick moisturiser.

The problem: Spots due to a poor diet

Drink plenty of water to help flush those toxins out. Start with a cleaner diet, avoid greasy fried food and too much sugar. Have a deep cleansing facial to remove any congestion in the skin. High frequency facials are great for breakouts as it has an antibacterial effect on the skin and will promote healing. Keep up a good skincare routine at home to reduce the breakouts. Use a good treatment concealer that will cover up the spots and dry them out.

The problem: puffiness due to jet lag or a lack of sleep

Lymphatic drainage facial massage will help to reduce the puffiness, but the main cure is to get some beauty sleep as soon as you can. There are certain eye creams that can help with reducing puffiness and a good concealer can help to cover up bags under the eyes. Another idea is to keep your eye cream in the fridge to keep it cool, as this can help with puffiness when you apply it.

The problem: dark spots from too much sun

The number one rule is to take away what is causing the problem, so if you are suffering from pigmentation or dark spots from the sun, then I suggest you avoid sunbathing. Always wear an SPF (minimum SPF30) and wear sunglasses and a hat when possible. Visit a skin therapist or dermatologist where a full skin analysis can be carried out, then the right products can be recommended to improve the dark spots and pigmentation or a more intensive treatment like laser can be recommended, depending on how severe the issue is.

Ramp up your routine

‘If you want to have good skin you need to be consistent with your skincare regime at home. I always explain to my clients that it’s the same as going to the gym. If you went once a week and did a hardcore training session or you spent a small amount of time every day, where do you think you would see more difference in the long run? The same applies to your skin. I highly recommend you go for a skin consultation to find out more about your own skin and what products you should be using. Here is a basic daily skincare routine that can
be followed:

• Cleanse your face in the shower.
• Apply a day moisturiser with a built-in SPF30.
• Apply a foundation or BB cream. I highly recommend this, the more protection/layers you have on your skin the more your skin will be protected from environmental assaults including sun, pollution, dust and A/C. But, on days when you wear make-up, you must remove it
in the evening.

• Cleanse your face twice – the first cleanse will remove make-up, sunscreen, surface oils and dirt and the second will penetrate the skin and clean the follicles.
• Apply a hydrating toner.
• Apply a serum followed by your night cream.
• Apply an eye cream if required.

Once a week (in the evening)
• Exfoliate your skin after you have cleansed then apply a face mask. Leave for ten minutes, rinse, then apply your serum, moisturiser and eye cream.
Facials Dhs290-510. Essa Beauty, Cluster G, JLT, (04 374 4288).

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