Give weary muscles a break

Aching muscles? Try the Elemis super soak on your gym-weary limbs

Aching muscles? Holly Sands tries the Elemis super soak, which promises to relieve your gym-weary limbs.

The promise
The Aching Muscle Super Soak by Elemis promises to soothe aching muscles using a deep-heat, aromatherapeutic formula.

Step by step
According to the instructions, the best way to use this bubble bath formula is to add between three and five capfuls (the cap is rather small) to a hot bath, and soak yourself for 15 minutes. The powerful aroma (similar to that of heat sprays for muscle pain) fills our bathroom – the scent is one of the reasons why the product is recommended for evening use. We plunge ourselves into the bathtub and begin the soak, enjoying the aromas. Despite our expectations, there’s no tingling sensation – it just feels
like a normal bath.

The result
Using the product as a bubble bath, we don’t feel a huge amount of muscle relief – perhaps it’s simply too diluted. We attempt the alternative options suggested, such as applying directly to areas of particular muscle tightness, and feel tension-relieving effects a little more.

• It has several application alternatives, so you can find one that suits you best.
• It can also be used in the shower as a body wash, for a more powerful impact on your muscles.

• For a bath and shower gel, it’s not cheap.


Dhs285 for a 400ml bottle. Available from

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