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We've found Dubai's top spots and ideas for you to try if you're feeling fat, stressed, or just plain worn-out

A. Assertiveness Workshop
Tired of grumbling under your breath as someone pushes into a queue? Reckon you’re a bit of a push over in the office? Then get a hold of yourself with the help of Synergy Medical Centre’s assertiveness training. The course is all about standing your ground 24-7 so you’ll be the boss forever more.
The two-day workshop costs Dhs550. Contact Jane Storey on 050 877 1983;

B. Bosu Ball
If you haven’t got the cash for a running machine, and lack the enthusiasm for the gym, then opt for a bosu ball. ‘It’s great for squats, push-ups and lunges, and it’s perfect for activating core muscles,’ says Lauren Whitby, personal trainer of G.I.Jane Bootcamp. If that’s not enough it makes working out much tougher, so in turn you’ll burn more calories per session, which will leave you mirroring Kate Moss quicker than you can say, ‘drop and give me 50’.
Bosu balls are Dhs65. Contact Go Sport; 04 341 3251

C. Carboxytherapy
If the thought of having carbon dioxide injected into your thighs doesn’t make you squeamish, then you may be up to the latest cellulite buster – Carboxytherapy. Used to increase blood flow, tighten skin and reduce the unsightly orange-peel effect, this treatment feels like someone is hoovering your behind with the latest Dyson. It’s not exactly comfortable and does leave light bruising, but once you see the effects, there’s no denying that it works.
Dhs500 each session (10-20 are recommended). Contact Aesthetica Clinic on 04 269 8005;

D. Detox @ your Door
‘No! You will finish your detox!’ The USP of Michelle Reynolds’ Detox @ Your Door service is her personal touch – including regular texts to make sure you haven’t fallen off the salt-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free, wheat-free wagon. ‘It is difficult to detox in Dubai,’ admits Michelle. ‘But it isn’t impossible.’ No, not if you’re equipped with her menus and starter detox pack and following her hour-long consultation. Stick with it and you really will feel more energetic (and a whizz with a blender).
Programmes start from Dhs990. Contact 04 880 2938;

E. Environ Body Cream
Imagine a product that actually prevents your bum/tum/thighs expanding. Well, that’s what the Environ Body Cream promises, and according to ‘beauty experts’ the globe over it actually works. The brain child of South African surgeon Dr Desmond Fernandes, the cream simply ‘strangles’ the fat cells, leaving you exactly the same size post-blow-out. Hmmm. No wonder there’s a waiting list the length of Sheikh Zayed Road.
Contact 06 524 4704 for UAE stockists

F. Fennel Colon Cleanse & Cellulite Therapy
This is a no mess, anxiety free alternative to colonic irrigation. There’s no tubes, no water being pumped up your rear end, and it’s all in the comfort of SensAsia Urban Spa’s Zen-like surroundings. If you suffer from a sluggish system, fluid retention and cellulite on the thighs and need a bit of ‘me time’ to boot then sign on up for some de-bloating.
Dhs3,780 for eight treatments. Contact SensAsia Urban Spa on 04 349 8850;

G. Great Lengths Extensions
For anyone searching for a new look without the surgery scars, why not add an inch or two to your locks? Great Lengths Extensions are applied with cold glue, enabling hair to grow naturally, thus significantly reducing damage. They can also be re-applied straight away with no ‘resting period’ needed.
Price on consultation. Contact Zouari Hair Salon at The One&Only Royal Mirage on 04 399 9999;

H. Holistic Life Coaching
If you’re lacking direction in any – or all – areas of your life and just need someone to give you a kick up the backside, enlist the services of Healthy 4 U. Founded by UK personal trainer-cum-nutritionist Tim Garrett – already established in London – his sessions will have you ironing out all the nooks and crannies of your unfulfilling existence. ‘Whether it’s work, rest or play that’s bringing you down, I’ll devise a plan to get you back on track,’ says Tim.
Price on request. Contact Healthy 4 U on 050 157 3552;

I. Indian Head Massage
So you feel like your head is about to combust with stress? Can you spare Dhs100? Pop on down to Dreamworks for an Indian Head Massage. We’re not talking a quick tickle on the forehead here, but a proper service for the mind, body and soul. The talented therapists – all from the Balinese hills – knead away your worries, leaving you refreshed and ready to face the day.
Dhs100 for 30 minutes. Contact Dreamworks on 800 37326

J. Jiu-Jitsu

With the Brazilian martial art Jiu-Jitsu you need to get down. ‘From grappling to wrestling, everything takes place on the floor,’ explains Master Rio Altaie, Chief Instructor of Dubai’s World Black Belts Centre and former world champion. ‘It’s also one of the best systems of self defence – and a very intense fitness work out. You’ll leave after a class pouring with sweat.’ And ready to face anyone suspicious down a dark mall walkway. Men and Women are welcome.
Dhs75 per session. Classes run Sun, Tue, Thu, 8pm-9.30pm at Contact World Black Belts Centre on 04 343 4397;

L. Lipdissolve
There have been many treatments promising to banish the dreaded bingo wing (that flabby bit of excess fat under your arms), but few work long term. That’s where Lipdissolve comes in. This latest fat-busting formula is injected (at Dhs2,150 a pop) into your unsightly wing, and the next day you’ll be less flappy. Beware though, it hurts like hell and you’ll probably need two to four treatments at six to eight week intervals. But no pain no gain and all that.
Dhs2,150 per session. Contact Aesthetica Clinic on 04 269 8005; www.aestheticaclinic.ew

K. Keenfit
Firstly, prepare to look a bit odd. Once ready, grab two poles and get a load of Keenfit pole walking. Walking alone works your lower body far more than the upper, which can cause an imbalanced silhouette. Pop a pole in each hand and already you’ve doubled the amount of calories burned. Whether its Safa Park, Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Creek, there’s a group for everyone looking to walk the walk.

M. Mall Walking
While shopping may seem a vice (your bank manager will agree on this one), you can easily turn it into a positive action. As you scour the store for bargains during the Dubai Shopping Festival, just pick up the pace and burn a few more calories. Can’t motivate yourself? Link up with Stride for Life, which organises regular free mall speed trawls around Mall of the Emirates – and now Festival City.
See for times

N. Natura Bissé Diamond Facial
Some may baulk at the Dhs1,150 price, but it’s worth every dirham. While some facials leave you with a post-treatment glow for all of 10 minutes, the Natura Bissé folk ensure it lasts for more than a week. It’s one of those treatments you’d put on your pre-wedding ‘things to do’, and allows you to scoot out sans make-up.
Dhs1,150 for 100 minutes. Contact Spa InterContinental 04 701 1111;

O. Oxygen Therapy Facial
‘It’s like an MOT for the face,’ says revered facialist Katrina Valente, speaking of the Oxygen Therapy Facial (Madonna is a devotee). The facial involves atomised moisturisers being propelled deep into the skin at hyperbaric (higher than atmospheric) pressure. Unlike regular extraction facials, where you’re at the mercy of 101 uncomfortable processes, the cool streams of oxygen and serum are luxurious and soothing, allowing punters to doze off into a divine-smelling sphere of their own creation.
Oxygen therapy facial, Dhs1,200 for 60 minutes. Contact 050 565 7679

P. Power Bhangra
Think dance class, add a bit of Bollywood music and you’ve got Power Bhangra. It’s a highly energetic affair – each 60-minute session burns 600 calories – that requires little co-ordination and bags of enthusiasm. If you’re tired of doing the ‘grapevine’, reckon yoga is a bit dull and fancy trying an exercise dance class that welcomes anyone with two left feet, then sign up for some fun times. ‘It’s a work-out while you shake your ass!’ says Ahlaam Ali, founder of Power Bhangra.
Power Bhangra at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates. Contact for more

Q. Queen For a Day
If you’ve just had one of those weeks – or years – then sometimes a quick massage isn’t enough. So, SensAsia Urban Spa has created the ultimate ‘Queen For a Day’ package, which includes a traditional Balinese massage, Royal Javanese body cleansing ritual, milk and floral bath, healthy meal, enhanced performance facial and a small gift to top things off. It’s a pure 270 minutes of utter bliss and totally worth the Dhs1,500 price tag.
Dhs1,500 at SensAsia Urban Spa. Contact SensAsia Urban Spa on 04 349 8850;

R. Radio Frequency
Biolite Skin Clinic set up about a year ago and since then has been on a fat melting mission. Its Radio Frequency machine is used to break down fat cells and iron out wrinkles, leaving you literally glowing. If used on the face, there’s a little ‘prickling’ sensation, but overall its quite relaxing and you really can see an increase in peachiness immediately. See VIP Transion below for more information.
Dhs650 per session. Contact Biolite Skin Clinic on 04 375 2122;

S. Smart Lipo
Fancy lipo but only have a few pounds to shed? The next generation of tummy tucks leave no scarring and promises to reduce overhang by 3.5kg. It’s a minor operation, targeting localised fat: the process uses a light that simply dissolves the cells on contact. A gentle suction then massages the dissolved fat out of the body. Job done.
Dhs30,000 for one session. Contact Dr Luiz Toledo on 04 398 8888;

T. Tsangpo Ritual
Think an age-old spa ritual could be the way forward? Then book in for The Spa at Shangri-La’s Himalayan Tsangpo Ritual – a cleansing routine that dates back 1,500 years and is recognised in Chinese and Himalayan medicine – and feel the Zen. It uses special herb-infused oils from the Himalayan mountains to zap any stress and restore balance to your mind, body and soul. Essentially, it’s the ultimate 90-minute detox.
Dhs490 for 90 minutes. Contact The Spa at The Shangri-La on 04 343 8888;

U. Unemployment Counselling
There’s no denying the economic shake up of late, and if you’re one of the casualties, the next year is probably looking a little bleak. But yet again, help is at hand at Synergy Medical Centre, this time with their free unemployment counselling. The sessions highlight the importance of a good diet, exercising and limiting alcohol and cigarette intake, while offering an ear to anyone who needs a good vent.
Sessions are free and run every Sunday at 6pm. Contact Synergy Medical Centre on 04 348 5452;

V. VIP Transion
This is the sister treatment to Biolite Skin Clinic’s Radio Frequency sessions. A combination of the two, this promises to shed inches and kilos to spectacular effect. While it sounds – and looks – a little like R2D2 of Star Wars acclaim, there’s no denying the full 10 sessions shave off that muffin top and any other unsightly overhang. Radio Frequency breaks down the fat and VIP Transion is all about the contouring, so together they really are a double whammy. It’s perfect if you’ve got a wedding/red carpet shindig on the cards and don’t fancy going under the knife.
Dhs350 per session. Contact Biolite Skin Clinic on 04 375 2122;

W. Wellness Coaching
‘I take a proper look at your inner self,’ says Jenny Hamdan, wellness coach at Eternel Medspa. ‘There’s none of this intensive work out stuff, it’s more a look at your psychological, spiritual and personal growth,’ she adds. To this end, Jenny will have you setting realistic life goals that will ensure you lose those kilos, bag that job and get a handle on any other issues you may have.
Price on request. Contact Jenny Hamdan on 050 552 7918

X. Xpress Manicure and Pedicure
Dubai is a land of manicures and pedicures, so to select one from the bunch takes something pretty special, (and more than a name starting with ‘X’). Lime Spa at the Desert Palm Resort’s 90-minute mani-pedi – ironically not that ‘express’ – is one of the most relaxing, luxuriant and blissful experiences for your hands – and that’s
before you even clap eyes on the tranquil surroundings.
Dhs180 for Xpress Manicure and Pedicure. Contact 04 323 8888;

Y. Yotox
Despite hitting New York by storm, Yotox – yoga exercises that give the effects of Botox – has still not arrived in Dubai. But like the iPhone (which took more than a year to arrive), we have found ways around this oversight, and hand you This site will guide you through the various facial exercises needed to iron out those creases and give you a youthful glow – for free.

Z. Zen Yoga
If you are baffled by all the different yoga variants out there – Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Pre-natal, Post-natal and Yogilates to name but a few – then Zen Yoga’s mix and match classes are the answer. Just tell them your emotional and physical issues and they’ll tailor a ‘mix and match’ class for you.
Dhs300 per private session for 90 minutes. Contact Zen Yoga on 04 367 0435;

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