Get leopard print hair in Dubai

Jenny Hewett tests a bold new look at Rami Jabali Salon

Tried & tested

The promise
We’re looking for something to liven up our undercut for the new season, and what with all the candy-coloured pastel hues doing the rounds, owner Rami decides on a leopard print in hues of bright red and baby pink.

Step by step
After trimming the buzzed side of our head, Rami applies an alternative to peroxide, which lifts colour without damaging your locks. We now have a striking monochrome ‘do, platinum on one side and dark the other. Rami then arrives once again, armed with an icing dispenser-like tool to artfully begin drawing the leopard print on our undercut.

A darker colour is used to outline the spots, before Rami then applies a red hue to fill in the centre of each. We can sense our neighbour in the next seat is now throwing concerned glances in our direction. But we try not to panic, as we know we’re in safe hands. Rami then washes off the dye in the basin before applying a bright pink colour with a brush, letting it sit for only two minutes before rinsing it off. The dye has taken extremely well and we’re all initially a little surprised at the highlighter-pink hue we’re now sporting. Fortunately it fades into pastel pink after a couple of washes. It’s a commendable effort for a first attempt.

The result
We dig the faded, pink hue and we’re surprised how much positive hysteria it’s causing: we’re being stopped everywhere we go for people to have a look.

• The pink is a soft touch, which ensures your look is more feminine than manly.

• The undercut needs shaving every couple of weeks, so the maintenance is high.

Dhs450. Rami Jabali Salon, Plaza Level, Murjan 3, JBR, Dubai Marina (04 363 0369).

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