Hair styling at Al Quoz salon SLaM

We check in for a ruby ombre colour at the Al Quoz salon

The promise
Bored with our current block colour, we leave our hair in the trusted hands of a senior stylist to create ruby ombre, a scarlet twist on the popular hair trend. When we’re finished, the colour at the roots should look like it fades into red-hued tones at the ends.

Step by step
Once seated in front of the suspended mirror, we immediately notice the amount of natural light pouring into the salon. After a luscious shampoo and lengthy head massage on one of the flat-beds at the basins, our stylist Debbie discusses how she’s going to create the look. She applies dark brown colour to the roots and to the mid-lengths before putting bleach, free-hand, onto the ends of our tresses. After some time, we’re back at the basin, where the colour is washed off before we sit back in the hot seat while Debbie applies a pinkish tone to our lengths and ends. After rinsing off, she then gets to work changing the shape of our cut, evening out layers and getting rid of quite a bit of length. She encourages us to opt for a lob (long bob) next time, but we’re a little bit attached to our length.

The result
The colour is bold and takes a while to get used to, but we’re happy with the result. It eventually fades out to an apricot hue, which looks a little more natural after a handful of washes and the chunky cut is more manageable after a few weeks. Sadly, our ends feel a little frazzled from the bleach, but we find applying a home hair mask helps.

• The salon has a lovely vibe, the staff are uber friendly and you can get your nails done at the same time as your hair.
• The flat-beds and head massages alone are worth going for.

• The salon overlooks a car park, but otherwise, it’s hard to fault.

Dhs900. SLaM, Al Joud Centre, 15a Street, near Ace Hardware, Al Quoz 1 (800 7526).

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