Rebecca Treston @ Euromed Clinic – tried and tested

Jenny Hewett pops into Rebecca Treston @ Euromed Clinic to try the Spectra Laser treatment

Tried & tested

Jenny Hewett pops into Rebecca Treston @ Euromed Clinic to try the Spectra Laser treatment.

The promise
This laser procedure targets pigmentation, evens out skin tone and has little to no downtime. Clients need more than one session for the best results.

Step by step
We meet Rebecca on a Saturday afternoon for a skin consultation. Unusually, the ball is left in our court to decide what we’d like to try. We prefer something that requires no downtime and will target sun damage. Rebecca suggests the Spectra Laser treatment, which she says will target sun spots and even out our skin tone. We’re led into a treatment room before an assistant cleanses our face and preps our skin. Carbon liquid is then applied before Rebecca pops on our goggles and zaps our freckles and sun spots with the laser. It’s more painful than we had expected, and our eyes water, but it’s not unbearable. Once finished, a mask is left to sit for 15 minutes, before our skin is moisturised and we’re sent on our way.

The result
Our face is very red and inflamed afterwards and the spots darken and fall off over a few days. Our cheeks appear more even, but we don’t notice any long-term changes.

• Having trained in London, Rebecca has years of experience and really knows what she’s doing.

• The consultation could have been a little more thorough.
• It seems the treatment targets freckles rather than dark patches.

Dhs800 per session. Rebecca Treston @ Euromed Clinic, Umm Suqeim 1, (04 394 5422).

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