Learn aerial hoop dancing in Dubai

We give the aerial hoop class at Café De La Danse a whirl

Tried & tested

The promise
Involving a similar degree of difficulty and pain as pole fit, this class requires the dancer to move their body into different poses upon a large metal ring suspended from the roof.

Step by step
Our petite (and incredibly flexible) Russian instructor Anya speaks little English, but she informs the class that she is able to talk with her body. It seems to work and the warm-up involves a number of stretches to increase flexibility before we move to the hoops to copy the tricks she demonstrates. We begin by holding ourselves up by our arms, with our hands at ten o’clock and two o’clock on the hoop and slowly spinning, peddling our legs with pointed toes. The majority of tricks require a lot of upper body strength, as you must lift yourself up from quite a height so that you’re sitting inside the hoop. For this, we require help from Anya. Next, we lower ourselves slowly down so that we’re hanging upside by our knees, where we then remove one leg and one hand, arching our back and spinning.

The result
With regular practise, we would begin to feel more comfortable, but there is a level of fear that you have to get past to do the tricks.

• The class has a lovely vibe and Anya is a good instructor.

• It appears the height of the hoops cannot be adjusted.

Dhs100 per class. Café De La Danse, Al Wasl Road (04 331 1543).

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