30 days to flawless skin

Anti-ageing specialist Rebecca Treston shares her skincare secrets


The Blooming Lovely 30 Day Challenge is a new programme run by skin and anti-ageing specialist Rebecca Treston. Louise Emma Clarke spoke to her to find out more about it – and how to improve your appearance at home.

What exactly is the Blooming Lovely 30 Day Challenge?
It’s a health-related challenge that includes two skin care treatments a week, along with supplement and nutritional tips to make sure your skin is at optimum health by the end of the month. The treatments are tailored to your skin type to address individual skin care concerns, such as sagginess, hydration or pigmentation issues. We also include recommendations for where to enjoy exercise and tips about how to relax.

Why did you develop the challenge?
I wanted to highlight the fundamentals of healthy skin, which means ensuring a healthy you. A lot of clients come to me and expect to get one aspect treated, such as pigmentation, but their overall skin isn’t in good health. It might be sun damaged or dehydrated, which affects the overall outcome. This challenge hones in on every aspect of the skin’s health. It’s important to remember that only 20 percent of ageing is down to genetics while a whopping 80 percent is down to lifestyle choices, such as how we eat, how we rest, and how we live. These things have a staggering impact on the base cellular function of the skin.

What kind of results can we expect after 30 days?
If you have stuck to the challenge, you can expect very clear, plumped, hydrated skin. As an added bonus, you’ll feel much better within yourself, with boosted hydration and energy levels.
Blooming Lovely 30 Day Challenge Dhs5,000 (with a treatment value of Dhs10,000). Euromed Clinic, Umm Suqeim, www.euromedclinicdubai.com (04 394 5422).

Rebecca’s top ten tips for better skin in days

1 Use a moisturiser that contains SPF protection.

2 Drink two to three litres of water every day.

3 Exercise every day.

4 Eat clean, non-processed food.

5 Increase your intake of dark leafy vegetables and bright, colourful vegetables.

6 Give your skin a break from make-up.

7 Choose a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), such as glycolic or lactic acid, or beta hydroxy acid (BHA), also known as salicylic acid. These products contain fruit acids to help remove the dirt and grime that builds up.

8 Exfoliate. This is really important as it helps to keep skin ticking over by removing dead skin to keep the complexion looking fresh, hydrated and glowing.

9 Use an antioxidant such as Vitamin C Serum to protect the skin against free radical damage and give it a nice glow.

10 Invest in a skincare treatment with a reputable aesthetician – and keep it up monthly.

Three superfoods for super skin

1 Fresh salmon, as it is full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

2 Bright green, leafy vegetables, as they contain a variety of phytonutrients, including beta-carotene and lutein.

3 Nuts, as they are full of healthy proteins and peptides.

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