Cellulite cream in Dubai

A new cellulite-blasting claims, somewhat confusingly, to be Oscar-winning

Loathe the look of your legs? Holly Sands gives a new cellulite-smoothing cream a go in a bid to improve hers.

The promise
Described, somewhat confusingly, as ‘Oscar-winning’, the Thalgo Défi Cellulite cream promises to help disperse pronounced cellulite and reinforce the skin’s resistance, for visibly smoother skin.

Step by step
While cellulite is a completely natural occurrence in most women (and rarely seen in men) the market for products that tackle it is big business. Most treatments only offer temporary diminishment of its appearance, and it’s in knowing this that we try out Thalgo’s new cream. Applied to affected areas (we choose thighs) for a couple of weeks, we notice that the biggest results on appearance are immediately after application, when our skin is still moist with the thick solution. We notice the same effect on other dimpled areas.

The result
For a quick, pre-event fix, Thalgo is a reliable go-to. Long term, however, a good diet and regular exercise are your friends.


• It’s a nifty fix for a night out if you’re feeling nervous about showing your legs.

• Like many others, this is not a miracle, overnight fix for cellulite, which can often be down to plain old genetics.

Dhs270. Available from Madi International, Al Owais Building, Airport Road (04 252 5266).

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