'Flotation therapy' in Dubai

We try an innovative therapy at the Point Zero Floatation Center

Melanie Smith visits Point Zero Floatation Center and feels her tensions drift away with this innovative therapy.

The promise
Total isolation in the ‘cabin’ or ‘pod’ will see you to drift into a state of deep relaxation. It’s said to reduce blood pressure, release natural painkillers and clear your mind so you look and feel healthier.

Step by step
Since it’s my first float, my therapist Sheridan recommends I try the floatation ‘cabin’, which is less claustrophobic than the ‘pod’. Comparing the restrictive space in the single person-sized cocoon to the arm-span width and high ceilings of the cabin, I take her word for it. I shower while the bath fills with ten inches of body temperature salty water. I then pop in the earplugs, get into the lukewarm tub and lay back in the dead silence on the inflatable neck cushion I’m also given. You can also turn off the lights, but feeling a little uncomfortable about floating in total darkness, I decide to leave the blue spotlights on.

The result
After spending what feels like an age feeling awkward, bobbing around in my high-ceilinged cave bathed in hypnotic blue lights, my mind finally begins to rest and I start to relax and feel quite serene – even managing to doze off for a while. When my one-hour session is up, I leave feeling a little sleepy and look forward to a mid-afternoon snooze when I get home.

• If you’ve had a particularly hard week, this therapy will see your stresses melt away.

• The saltwater can leave your skin dry and a little flaky.

Dhs350 (60 minutes). Point Zero Floatation Center, Sky Gardens, DIFC (04 457 9991).

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