Kundaini yoga in Dubai

Find zen with kundalani yoga at Downtown Dubai's Zoga

Tried & tested

The promise
Described by Zoga as a ‘full mind-body workout’, kundalini is a style of yoga rarely offered in Dubai. The aim is to awaken creative energy believed to be dormant within us all, through postures, breathing and chanting.

Step by step
Instructor Hayley begins the class with chanting, before moving on to postures. Known as ‘kriya’ in kundalini, the sequence differs from other styles of yoga, since a series of movements (matched with breathing) are performed in quick and repetitive succession for three to five minutes. The most taxing is the initial exercise of kapalabhati breathing, while in boat pose. This is tough multi-tasking for a beginner, especially since the successive breathing really heats the body up. The session ends with 15 minutes of meditation and chanting.

The result
This class feels spiritual, yet still very physical. This is a great balance of yoga’s potential personalities.

Once you master the initial challenges of kundalini you’ll benefit from the experience.

• Kundalini is initially very challenging, making it difficult to reach the relaxing, meditative benefits in your first session. However, gradually, as it gets easier this will no doubt come.

Dhs85 (single class). Dhs400 (five class package). Fri 11.30pm (75 minutes). Southridge 6, Downtown Dubai, www.zoga.ae (04 276 7657).

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