Crystal Dance Center Dubai review

How we got with ballroom professional Greta Laurinaityte at Crystal Dance Center in Dubai


The promise
World Champion Greta Laurinaityte from Lithuania (who's Serbia-born dance partner is Dusan Dragovic) opened Crystal Dance Center March 1. Owner Great says the studio gives the possibility for young people to improve the physical state of your body without working hard; instead enjoying it and seeing the changes in the body. Moreover, business professionals find a place where they can have fun and forget their daily worries after work.

Step by step
Instructor Greta kept the music playing throughout the class which helped set the tone.

While learning the Cha Cha Cha, she goes through a range of ways to help the steps stick firmly in the mind. Whether no hands or fancy fingers is your thing, taking it down or turning it up a notch is fine here. Starting with a bit of body isolation to explain exactly how much a dancer should really twist those hips for the style, it’s really easy to realise just how good a workout Latin and ballroom dancing is when you actually begin to feel your abdominal muscles being toned in action.

Next came movement across the floor of her bright and spacious studio. The 23-year-old is extremely patient with beginners, even after having been dancing since she was six and doing it professionally since 13 years old. Greta goes over her steps until learners are comfortable with moving on and calls out gentle mental reminders to nudge attendees in the right direction towards routine success.

Although this class was one-on-one she also offers groups.

The result
This class leaves you warmed up, worked out and even ready to impress your friends on the dancefloor. It may seem like you’re going to learn steps that will only mean something to the judges on Dancing With The Stars, but Greta shows just how practical the moves are whether you’re after her dancing champion crown or just want to brush up on your knowledge for fun. More importantly you’ll find yourself letting go of life’s stresses as you get active.

Guests are treated to a mix of styles, whether you come alone or with a partner. There will be group classes for couples and solos, group classes for kids and students, private lessons, wedding dances and choreography, plus Zumba.
It will be taught ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep), Latin American (Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Pasodoble, Jive) and additionally there will be Salsa, Mambo and Bachata.

If you think you’re going to leave a master in one particular style of dance, forget it. Greta explains there’s more to being good at learning steps quickly when aiming for professional ballroom dancer status. There’s posture, position of your feet, and a whole lot more to consider when becoming a professional.


Price: Dhs100 to Dhs400, however discount is offered on membership packages.

Dome Tower, Cluster N, JLT - Dubai (UAE), 15th floor.

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