Can a spa feel like the womb?

Talise Spa's new treatment claims to recreate the feeling of being in the womb

The promise
The AlphaSphere Deluxe (the only one in the world!) is a pod-like experience that promises to return those who step inside to their alpha state – or how they are in their mother’s womb. It creates a heightened state of relaxation and reduces stress.

Step by step
Inside the AlphaSphere Deluxe room there are low lights and two pod-like beds. Our therapist gives us a choice of four experiences: Basic Blue, Sensitive Violet, Intense Red and Energy Orange. He recommends the intense option and leads us to the pod. We lie on a hard bed, that rocks back and forth, and are left cocooned in the pod. An aroma is sprayed, lights slowly change to different shades of red and the bed begins to vibrate. Then the ‘music’ starts. It’s more like white noise, with a low thrum like a heartbeat. At first it’s a little unsettling, but then a sense of calm washes over us and we zone out, into a dreamlike state.

The result
We’re left zen-like, calm and a little confused. Time seemed to disappear inside the pod – and we genuinely have no idea how long we were in there. But we felt more relaxed than ever before.

• It’s unlike any other treatment anywhere in the world.

• If you want somewhere to really forget about the outside world, this is it.

• It takes a while to let yourself go and relax as the experience is so completely unusual.

Dhs225 or Dhs392 for a couple. Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah (04 366 6818).

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