Fit Face yoga in Dubai

Interview with Dubai’s Fit Face yoga founder Isidora Peric

We’ve always been an advocate of yoga and Pilates, but were sceptical when we were told of Dubai’s latest ‘fitness’ craze. Fit Face is a one-hour, intensive workout dedicated entirely to your face, with benefits said to include tighter skin and lifted eyelids. Its founder, Isidora Peric, plans to roll the classes out all over Dubai so we can all try it out.

Keen to find out more, we arrange to meet Isidora at the JLT office of her first company The Fashion Network, and as we walk in and catch sight of her plumped skin and chiselled cheekbones, we start to think she’s onto something. Isidora elaborates on the history of the practise of facial yoga, explaining that it dates back to the times of Cleopatra. In modern times, classes started in the US and now have a huge and very loyal following. Isidora wanted to bring the discipline to the UAE – and after training with expert Annelise Hagen, Fit Face was born. ‘I’ve always been into facial yoga,’ she says. ‘Over the years, I have really stuck it, and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. It looks better and feels tighter, and people comment on how healthy I look. I wanted to show people how easy it can be to get the same results.’

So what exactly happens in the one-hour class? ‘Everybody is given a mirror and we work through the exercises together,’ she says. ‘There’s always a lot of laughter as the expressions made are quite funny. Our classes certainly aren’t serious, but the benefits definitely are. Every session ends with a self-applied mini-facial, where trays are handed out with skincare products so participants can walk out with soft, smooth and glowing skin.’

We asked Isidora to teach us a few moves. After hearing which area we wish to work (our chin and jowls), Isidora looks up at the ceiling making a pronounced kissing movement. We laugh, which is infectious as she starts to giggle, and seconds later, we’re kissing the ceiling, too. Doing the move, we can feel the whole lower neck, chin and jowl area stretching. It makes a lot of sense that regular practise will start to tone and lift those muscles.

‘What about our cheekbones?’ we ask. Isadora sucks her cheeks into a dramatic pout. ‘This is called Fish Face,’ she tells us. ‘You suck in your cheeks and try to smile. This move is amazing for lifting and toning muscles in the face. We have a competition in the class to see who can hold it the longest.’

It’s an expression that’s harder to pull than it looks and we can feel the muscles stretching as we do it. We promise Isidora that we will keep it up at home and she adds: ‘That’s really the point of the classes. It’s fun to do it in a group environment, but you’ll eventually learn the routine and will be able to do it every day at home to speed up results. I recommend doing it every morning, it can be a substitute for make-up.’

A substitute for makeup? Now you’re talking. We might just give it a try…
Dhs100. Tue 6.30pm. Fit Face, Zen Yoga, The Springs Town Centre, Emirates Hills,

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