Cellulite bustng at SensAsia

Holly Sands sees surprising results with SensAsia’s Shrinking Violet

The promise
The Shrinking Violet claims to break down fatty acids and even remove fat from problem areas such as the upper arms, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, while improving the appearance of cellulite.

Step by step
First up, we’re measured at various points on our body from upper arms to waist, hips and knees. Next, we’re treated to a thorough and deeply satisfying dry body brushing while we stand in nothing but our stretchy disposable undergarments. Swiftly afterwards, our therapist begins applying a special oil, before tightly wrapping each of our limbs in an industrial cling film. Once everything but our feet, neck and head is tightly bound, we penguin-waddle our way to the bed for a nap and an add-on Workaholic head massage.

The result
After spilling out of our wrappings in an almost grotesque fashion as our therapist removes them, we’re amazed to learn we’ve lost a total of 16.5cm from around our body.

• If you’re looking to do a quick number on your figure before squeezing into a tight outfit, it’s worth trying out a couple of hours in advance.
• Add-on treatments like the Workaholic are great.

• Things might get a little hairy for those who are claustrophobic or averse to being cocooned.
• This is not a weight-loss solution.

Dhs730 for 90 minutes. SensAsia Urban Spas, various locations including Emirates Golf Club, Emirates Hills (04 417 9820).

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