How to cope with hot weather hair

Summer sun equals hair havoc. Celebrity hair stylist Jamilla Paul has advice

Summer sun equals hair havoc. Glamour Salon’s artistic director, celebrity stylist Jamilla Paul, offers a word of advice to Kate Dobinson and shares her secrets for maintaining luscious locks.

Chlorine, desalinated water and extreme temperatures can give your bonce a battering. Are you struggling with sun damaged hair? Don’t fret, the effects are reversible, according to Jamilla Paul, celebrity stylist and brand director at Glamour Hair Salon. She gives us five top tips to combat common problems caused by the sun and maintain beautiful tresses all season.

Hair loss
We see this issue time and time again with our clients. In the UAE, 40 percent of us have experienced hair loss. The main culprit is the desalinated water. Chlorine and calcium deposits in shower water strip hair of its natural oils, making the hair frizzy and brittle. They also stick to the hair on the inside, opening the follicles and crystallising. These mineral crystals grow and cause the protective cuticle to break off.
The solution: Get a shower filter. This can remove 98 percent of the chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the water. It will also prevent dry tresses and sensitivity of the scalp. You’ll notice that your hair will be able to maintain its natural moisture and will become softer and healthier.

Colour fade
Shower water can also cause hair colour to fade. Chlorine strips the hair of its natural protective oils, causing it to dry out. This, in turn, breaks down the dye in the hair – ruining your expensive highlights.
The solution: Get specially formulated shampoo. Using professional sulfate and salt-free shampoos and conditioners will help maintain colour when used with a shower purifier.

Frizzy hair
Straw-like strands can occur from constant swimming and sunbathing. Even the straightest hair can suffer from a halo of frizz.
The solution: Create a hair sun block by covering it up. Direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the hair, especially in climates like ours. There are many great products you can use that contain SPF, which I would always recommend, along with wearing a sun hat. This combination will help create a total sun block for your hair, ensuring your precious locks are protected.

Dry hair
We all over-style our hair for the constant merry-go-round of parties that take place in the UAE.
The solution: Change hair colour. Sun exposure can cause major damage, including breakage, to bleached hair. To steer away from this, go for a softer, flawless look with less bleach. Try a Couture Hollywood Colour Blend at Glamour Hair Salon, which uses less bleach around the hairline and creates a natural look that is a lot less damaging. Heat damage is also a killer in these temperatures. If blowdrying your hair, be sure to use a professional thermal protector before you start. Alternatively, get creative with your styling techniques. A cool top knot is a great look and bang-on trend. Or wear your hair in a low-slung side fishtail plait, which will keep your tresses protected from harmful rays.

Greasy hair
Lank locks can result from hot weather in the UAE, as hair follicles become clogged and excrete more of sebum.
The solution: Shampoo less. Reducing the amount you wash your hair will allow it to absorb its own natural oils. I recommend shampooing hair every two days. To keep your hair fresh between washes, use a professional dry shampoo. Thicker hair should be rinsed without shampoo and conditioned or treated using a professional masque. This will help smooth the cuticles and free your hair from frizzing.
Glamour Hair Salon, Muroor Road, Abu Dhabi (02 626 3003), Al Zeina and Al Raha Beach (02 555 9902).

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