Gelish mani-pedi at The White Room

We try out a chipping-free treatment the Marina Plaza salon

The promise
The gelish mani-pedi promises to maintain its colour and last up to two weeks without chipping.

Step by step
The treatment begins with a quick foot bath and exfoliating scrub to remove any excess skin from the soles of our feet. A fruity moisturising cream is applied and our therapist then cleans, cuts, files and buffs our nails. Our hands go through the same ritual before our chosen colour is applied. Using a UV light, the polish is applied using a variety of coats (base coat, colour and top coat) with each nail being placed under the light to harden at various intervals.

The result
While the pedicure lasts approximately two weeks before it begins to lose colour, the manicure chips after just a day.

• The manager invites us back to get our manicure re-done free of charge and thankfully, the second treatment lasts about a week and a half.
• The salon offers free wi-fi to keep you occupied throughout.

• The gelish treatment takes longer than a regular mani-pedi, and can take up to one hour and 30 minutes depending on staff availability.
• While there is a variety of colours available, the gelish polish options are limited. Rather than having a variety of shades of one colour, the salon has just one type of colour in certain hues.

Dhs240. Mon-Sun 10am-10pm.The White Room Spa, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina (04 442 1110).

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