Detox your hair

We test BdB Blodrybar's new detoxifying treatment by Nubea

Tried & tested

The promise
BdB Blodrybar is offering a new hair and scalp treatment alongside its menu of blow-dries and up-dos. The Essentia Detoxifying Treatment by Nubea claims to rebalance the scalp for healthier hair bulbs and, as a result, healthier, stronger hair.

Step by step
We begin with the application of the first solution directly onto our scalp, which brings both a menthol tingliness to our skin and a relaxing, lavender aroma to our nostrils. After a glorious head rub, during which our hair expert insists we fully relax, we’re led to the sink for the next portion of the programme, featuring a thorough wash with the second solution. Even after we’ve been towelled off, there’s a lingering freshness to our scalp and our hair almost feels lighter. After a quick Google of some loose, beachy hair styles, the blow-dry begins, and 90 minutes after we arrived, we’re out of the door.

The result
Our scalp condition and root oiliness seems genuinely improved for days. Unfortunately the blow-dry doesn’t quite work out as we’d hoped, and we leave with faintly corkscrew curls.

• Our scalp feels the difference, which makes us think the five prescribed sessions would be worth it.

• The styling isn’t what we’d asked for, and we’d run out of time to have it re-done.

Dhs100 (blow-dry), Dhs1,000 (Nubea treatment for five sessions). BdB Blodrybar, Apex Atrium, Motor City, (04 447 3826).

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