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Luke Hersheson tells us why braids are in this season


The beachy, undone braid is the ultimate expression of fashion, fun and creativity, says Luke Hersheson of celebrity hairdressing dynasty Hersheson’s and founder of London’s pop-up braid bars that anoint women with the kind of hair we might envy. From waterfall to mermaid, French and bubble fishtails, nothing is too ambitious for those blessed with a long mane. However, Luke has launched a new range of braid clip-ins and head bands at Sephora for those with shorter hair or less time on their hands. We ask him how to get the look.

Tell us about the braid – so simple and yet so difficult to master... What are your top tips or achieving the look?
Some are simple and some are a bit more complex, the best way to learn is on our website and there are some amazing YouTube videos out there, too. My best bit of advice would be to use the Hersheson’s mixed bristle brush and just sprinkle a tiny amount of water on the bristles. This means when you brush your hair it will separate the hair nicely, allowing you to pick it up without it being too flyaway and difficult to manage.

You have successful braid bars in London. Are your staff specially trained to create such weird and wonderful creations?
Yes, they were trained by us, although when we recruited, we looked for actual braiders and not hairdressers. We did this because we wanted them to have the skill of being able to braid and then we almost ‘Hershesonised’ them by showing them our tricks to make them look cool and youthful. 

Who is your dream client?
Kate Middleton needs a makeover – her hair could be great with just a few small changes. She needs some soft layers around her face – just to frame her a fraction. Right now, I think it looks too heavy and could do with some invisible layering so it moves and swings more as opposed to just hanging there. 

Which celebrity are you most fond of working with and why?
I cut off Sienna Miller’s hair last year and I’m very proud of the effect it had on women everywhere. She is great fun and brave to have gone through such a big change, but it’s been a huge success. Even though her hair is short we use the waving tongs on her to achieve that dishevelled undone look with plenty of movement. 

Can you share with us your must-have, backstage beauty weapons?
My Hersheson’s hairdryer, Hersheson’s waving tongs and our invisible ponytail hairpiece. The ponytail is quite possibly the most modern hairstyle one can wear, but if you don’t have the length or the thickness it can look cheap. Ellnet is also the best hairspray as its mist is so fine and it really allows hair to move yet to also have hold.  

Tell us about your new range of braids for Sephora. How can women use them?
I always say if it’s taking you longer than a minute to use a hairpiece then you are definitely doing something wrong. Our fantastic how-to videos are available on our website, but to be honest, they are so easy you just clip and go. Our brilliantly simple braided headbands are perfect for the summer as they are on a head band elastic, so you wear them just like you wear a standard hair band. You can sprinkle a touch of powder onto them and pull them apart a bit to encourage the flyaways – which makes them look even more undone and part of your own hair. The range is always referred to as a hair wardrobe, as we really are offering everything. A woman will have all that she requires in order to achieve great, cool girl hair in as little time as possible.  

We’ve seen edgy bobs, faux fringes and ‘flave’ curls from you of late, what is next for 2015/2016?
Braids, braids and braids. We just launched braiding bars in London and I don’t think this minimalist trend is going anywhere anytime soon.
Hersheson’s braided headband and fishtail plaits are available in 12 colours. Dhs195. Sephora, various locations including Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha (04 409 9000).

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