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Hollywood stars all have glam squads. Kate Dobinson talks to Style Team founder Cristiana Popescu Karam about teaching women the secrets of self-confidence…


Fashion stylist Cristiana Popescu Karam and her team – made up of a hairstylist, nail technician and make-up artist – take inspiration from the ‘glam squads’ favoured by Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and promise a full package of pampering, fashion and lifestyle consultancy that aims to improve your personal image and self-esteem. We speak to Karam to find out how she does it.

Have you always been a follower of fashion?
My passion for styling and fashion started at an early age back in my home country, Romania. My mother always dressed me up according to the latest trends and gave me a sense of style. In my teens I used to rock ripped jeans, two different-coloured shoes and neon outfits. I even started to make my own clothes, by cutting and sewing the old ones. My love for styling grew deeper when I travelled across the world, expanding my creative view and opening my eyes to a whole new experience.

What gave you the light bulb moment for Style Team?
My inspiration for Style Team came from the glam squads of Hollywood stars. I’ve noticed that very successful women have a team of stylists behind them, making them look ‘put together’ at all times. I realised that the UAE is the perfect market for this type of business, as there are plenty of ladies who would love to be pampered in the comfort of their home and have the best services brought straight to their doorstep.

Tell us about a typical day for you.
I start my day with a massive cup of organic green tea with lemon and one hour of Pilates or yoga. After that, I’m off to business meetings, client appointments with my team or staff training. I always try to check some of my favourite stores, see the latest collections and keep in mind certain pieces for some of my clients. At least one hour is dedicated to check out my list of beauty, shopping or lifestyle websites. It’s very important to stay on trend as a stylist. I usually end my day by having dinner or drinks with my husband or friends. I was a DJ for a few years, so I really appreciate a place with good music and cool vibes.

How have you made a difference to your clients?
Our clients are extremely diverse. Some are searching for the home-spa service, some are more into the styling side, and some might be interested in a total makeover and wardrobe change, closet styling or lifestyle consultancy. We bring everything with us to your home, from the finest products to my iPad with a collection of hairstyles, nail art and make-up.

How do you empower women?
Our goal as stylists is to empower women of all sizes, shapes and colour and guide them to achieve their perfect image and teach them the secret of self-confidence. The best recommendation I can give to women is to know their body type and shape and to know how to dress according to it. The trick is to bring personality into your clothes and have it be an extension of who you are. Also, to know your skin and hair type and what products and colours suit you best is highly important. Style Team can teach these tricks to transform you into the confident, glamorous woman you deserve to be.
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The Style Team experience

• Book a minimum of two services (choose from hair, nails, makeup and fashion styling services) and receive a consultation to fully understand your needs. Cristiana creates custom-made profiles for each client.

• Personal Fashion Styling consultations (minimum of one hour) advise on dressing for specific body type and weight, skin type and hair colour and accentuating your best assets. Mix and match high street with designer fashion for your budget and learn to accessorise and use colour to maximise impact.

• Personal Closet Styling edits your wardrobe, organises by season and colour and helps find new ways of wearing old pieces. Also includes a list of essential pieces you need to complete your wardrobe for the season, as well as tips on silhouetting, necklines and colours.

• Image Consultancy is a lifestyle evaluation to create an image portraying a certain message, such as authority, stability, trustworthiness and approachability. Style Team identifies your body shape, suggests how to create an attractive image and identifies your personal style and
‘clothing solution’.

• Beauty and Lifestyle Consultancy consists of a top-to-toe evaluation. The team will take care of your hair, make-up and nails, while improving your personal image, self-confidence and self-esteem.

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