Meditation: Five steps to zen

Amrit Chand from Dubai's Miracles wellness centre tells us how to meditate

1 Create a sacred space
Your environment impacts your mood, therefore it is important to create a sacred space. This can mean simply switching all phones or sound-creating machines off, or even lighting candles, playing soft or relaxing music and burning incense.

2 Intention
Meditation can be done by focusing on the breath, the third eye (the space between your eyebrows) or through visualisation. The intention plays a role in the meditative experience you may have.

3 Breath work
There are various forms of breathing that can be practised in order to take you into a deep, relaxed state. Start by breathing into your belly and deep exhalation. Advanced types of breathwork can also be practised under the guidance of a facilitator.

4 The Right Clothing
It’s important to wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can hold the meditation position comfortably and your clothes do not become a form of distraction.

5 Stretching
It’s important to stretch the body or practise certain Yoga postures before or after meditation. This helps to quieten the mind.

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