5 steps to smooth shaving

Your guide to exactly how to get the skin prepared for and cared for post-shaving

1 Exfoliate
Preparing the skin is crucial. Clear out the skin’s surface debris with a good facial scrub. Gently exfoliate to smooth skin and create the ideal canvas.

2 Pre-shaving oil
This provides a much-needed hit of moisture. It also gives an extra layer of protection against razor burn. Gently massage a few drops onto the face.

3 Lather up
Lathering forces the follicles to lift, resulting in a smoother shave. Wet the shaving brush slightly in warm-to-hot water before lightly placing on the soap bar, then using circular motions on the skin to form the perfect amount
of lather.

4 The Perfect Blade
Invest in a quality razor blade. A dull blade will make your face feel rough and look blotchy. Rinse the lather off between strokes and stretch the skin, gliding through hairs using gentle pressure. Rinse the face with hot water and re-shave if necessary, going lightly against the grain for a closer cut.

5 The Finale
Rinse with cold water to close pores and pat the skin dry, making sure not to rub, as skin is at its most vulnerable post-shave. Use an after-shave balm to cool and refresh the skin and replace lost moisture.

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