A head for hairdressing

Julian Colclough has run his own salon in Dubai for 12 years. Here he tells us why a good haircut is important for men

Bradford’s finest barber in Dubai, Julian Colclough has been cutting hair for 29 years. In that time he became one of Dubai’s favourite DJs (going by Julian Jinx) as well as keeping the barnets of the city’s men in check.

TOD: Tell us how you got started in the business.
JC: I started out in the UK, cutting students’ hair opposite the university in Bradford. That was great fun. I then moved to Leeds, a great place to be in the early ’90s.

TOD: So how come you moved to Dubai?
JC: While working in Leeds, I began cutting the hair of a young UAE national guy who was studying at the university. He was always talking about how amazing Dubai was and I happened to know a guy from Leeds who ran a barbershop over here. One minute we were joking about it in England and the next I’m in Dubai. Within six weeks I was cutting the same lad’s hair over here. That was back in 1996.

TOD: So tell us, why should a man have a good haircut?
JC: A good haircut makes a man feel confident, it’s as simple as that. Dubai is a fast-moving city and men need to stay looking sharp, we all know how bad we feel when our hair looks dodgy. And women always notice bad haircuts and cheap shoes.

TOD: What makes your salon stand out?
JC: We work on an appointment basis and take pride in our work. We don’t rush anything and listen to what the client wants. Between four members of our staff, we have an unbelievable 58 years of cutting hair in Dubai. We won the Dubai Municipality barbershop award recently and have been nominated again this year. And last but not least, we cater for the discerning music lover by playing BBC 6 Music in the shop.

TOD: How have trends changed since you started?
JC: It went from long ‘curtains’ hair in the late 1980s to shaggy Oasis-style hair in the 1990s. Then the mohawk was big for a few years and recently it’s gone towards a skin fade side parting with a big dirty fisherman’s beard! It feels like longer hair is creeping back again now.

TOD: What tips have you got for people to keep their hair looking good?
JC: Choose a style that suits your hair and you, don’t just go for whatever is in fashion. When you go to a new barber he should get it pretty close to getting it right the first time, by the third time it should be exactly how you want. Don’t skimp and use cheap styling products. If your hair is short don’t leave it 10 weeks between haircuts. And a big one – if you’re going bald, get it short.

The essentials

Julian Hairdressing For Men
On offer: Cuts, styling and colouring from Dhs130.
Staff: Five members of staff from England and Asia.
The Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, www.julianhairdressingdubai.com (04 344 9006).

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