Pain-free waxing tried and tested

Pain-free waxing? Holly Sands learns it’s not actually too good to be true

The promise
Unlike more widely used and generic waxes, Cirépil is applied warm, left to cool, and then ripped off without the use of towel strips, taking unwanted hairs with it. Its pain-free claim comes from the fact that, unlike traditional wax, it sticks only to the hair, and not to the skin. It also promises fewer ingrown hairs.

Step by Step
We try the treatment out at The Nail Spa in The Lakes – one of just a handful of salons offering the service in Dubai. While our speedy technician prefers to use traditional wax to remove longer hairs, there’s no problem ripping away shorter strands – and this also gives us the perfect opportunity to compare. Any doubt we had about Cirépil’s reduced pain claims are done away with as quickly as the first strip of hairs. We brace out of habit rather than necessity, and 20 minutes later, we’re done and dusted without a single stinging sensation.

The result
A fair less agonising experience than usual, and we depart free of sore legs and unwanted hair. And as promised, we don’t notice a single ingrown over the next few weeks.

It’s quick, infinitely more comfortable and the same price as regular waxing. Why wouldn’t you?

Dhs115 (full leg). The Nail Spa, various locations including The Lakes (600 544 001).

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