Paddleboard yoga in Dubai

Chanelle Tourish wobbles her way onto the water for paddleboard yoga

How’s your warrior pose? Fairly stable? Try lunging into it while keeping your balance on a paddleboard in the middle of the sea. Not so easy now… Or is it?

SeaYou, the watersports operator at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa runs regular classes, and promises that by the time you leave, not only will you be comfortable paddling your way across the surface of the water, but you’ll also be able to manage far more than curling up into a ball for child’s pose. So far, so reassuring, so we sign up to find out just how accessible the sessions can be. A tip – the earlier the class, the calmer the water. Get there before 9am and the sea inside the Palm is almost completely flat and still.

Before you start, you’ll be briefed on safety, and then sign a waiver (so it’s your own fault if you knock yourself out mid-downward dog). The class begins with everyone paddling out to a designated spot, where boards are tied to a buoy so you don’t drift off. After making it to mooring without falling in, we start to feel confident, but our triumph is short-lived once we see the limber movements of the rest of the group. Five minutes into the class, we discover it is actually pretty hard, but it’s a good challenge. We wobble here and there, but manage to avoid plunging into the sea. SeaYou’s instructors are extremely helpful, guiding beginners and encouraging more experienced participants (many of whom, in our class, we have a sneaking suspicion are professional contortionists from The Chinese State Circus).

While we certainly couldn’t be described as a yoga guru by any stretch of even the most vivid imagination, we did find the class fun, and most parts very much achievable. Next time, we might even be able to touch our toes.
Dhs125. Sun 9am. Sofitel Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa, Palm Jumeirah, (04 420 6100).

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