Ayurvedic Shirodhara reviewed

Sofia Vyas goes under the oil with an Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment

The promise
To soothe you into deep relaxation, relieve physical tension and mental stress and help with ailments such as insomnia and migraines.

Step by step
We lie down in a cosy room with soothing music. A cool towel is placed over our eyes and we are given a short head massage, before warm oil begins moving back and forth over our forehead (an Ayurvedic herbal oil with milk and coconut that smells deliciously like molasses). Occasionally, our therapist, Neena, softly massages it into our temples. Gradually, our whole body relaxes and we are lulled into drowsiness. We are vaguely aware that a copious amount of oil is running into our hair (though this isn’t unpleasant). The treatment ends with a gentle head and shoulder massage which stretches out our muscles.

The result
After battling to get to the centre in rush hour traffic and arriving frazzled, we’re impressed by how relaxed we feel afterwards.

Its focus on the forehead and temples feels as though it’s genuinely eliminating mental stress, and our hair feels soft and lustrous the next day

It’s only available in packages of five or seven.
Dhs1,250 (five sessions). Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, Oud Metha (04 335 1200).

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