Beat the bloat

Five ways to swerve a stomach ache

1 Activated charcoal
Your go-to guy. Take two powder tablets or gel capsules (which also contain peppermint oil) with breakfast and again with dinner.

2 Peppermint tea
Go for the pure mint variety (without regular tea leaves). Sip throughout the day to aid digestion.

3 Fennel seeds
There’s a reason why these aniseed-flavoured seeds are offered after a meal in many Indian restaurants. They’re a great natural digestive aid.

4 The BRAT rule
Battling stomach cramps? Stick to the BRAT rule when you need to eat (that’s plain bananas, rice, apple sauce or toast).

5 Know what to avoid
Skip gassy foods and drinks (broccoli and cola, among many others) and be aware of the foods that set you off – the effects can last for days.

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