Five ways to avoid getting fat at Christmas

Tips on how to avoid extra weight on Christmas

1 Know What You’re Eating
How many calories in a single roast potato? Around 70 to 80 is a safe bet. A mince pie? More like 250. Bear that in mind before you go back for seconds.

2 Take A Walk
A pre- and post-dinner stroll will not only help you digest that mammoth meal, it will help prevent your metabolism from slowing to a snail’s pace over your festive, sofa-surfing period.

3 Make Smart Swaps
In the face of endless canapés, choose the ones that won’t blow your calorie budget in a single bite. Toast with smoked salmon, for example, is preferable to that creamy chicken vol-au-vent.

4 Do Your Shopping On Foot
No time to kerfuffle around at the gym? A few hours of stop-start fast walking can help fill in the gaps – ditch the car, take the metro, and do your Christmas shopping in Dubai’s sprawling malls on foot.

5 Load Up On Veggies
Pile your plate high on Christmas Day – just make sure that at least 50 percent of it is colourful veg (and potatoes don’t count), alongside a reasonable serving of lean turkey breast.

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