How to avoid jet-lag

Time Out Dubai asks health and beauty experts for advise on how to avoid jet-lag. Get hints and tips on coping with long flights from and to Dubai

1 Skip the In-flight meal
It’s not just all the added salt that’ll keep you uncomfortable for days. Eating when your body would normally be asleep can throw your slumber patterns off.

2 Invest in a sleep mask
Use it in the air and at both ends of your travels to keep your rhythms as normal as possible.

3 No napping
Stay awake during the day, sleep at night. Sticking to a normal routine will help you shift those disorientating hours much faster than a 20-minute power nap.

4 Stay hydrated
Aeroplanes are dry, dry places, and it’s not only your skin that they will leave parched. Drink water throughout the flight and keep your fluids up for a couple of days either side.

5 But drink the right stuff
Leave those stronger drinks. You may think a nightcap will help send you off, and it might, but it’ll reduce the quality of your rest in the small hours.

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