Five key sources of Vitamin C available in Dubai

Time Out Dubai helps keep you healthy with these five key sources of Vitamin C available in Dubai, including kale, sprouts, supplements, kiwi and pepper

1 Kale
Two cups of the hipster’s favourite in your salad will land you 150mg of vitamin C, and 7g of fibre.

2 Red pepper
Fill your fajitas with these clever capiscums – one cup has 190mg of the good stuff.

3 Kiwi fruit
Two regular kiwis have twice as much as a measly medium orange – and eat your fur if you want triple the fibre.

4 Brussels sprouts
One sprout is almost equal to one orange. A fair trade-off if you’re pairing them with a mountain of roast potatoes.

5 Vitamin c supplements
That tube of effervescent tablets on your desk contains 1,000mg per serving. Unfortunately, it’s widely believed that the body can’t (and doesn’t need to) absorb anywhere near that much.

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